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He pulls him down and then he starts raining hammerfest down on ramsey run the audio back one more time audi they have a timeout loved that they could they off natural quite a little up with nick probably would read aloud why of the first half he gave the order kayla cuevas greg may hold of land green lamb up to the ground i have never in armagh the nfl fin word glen schofield planned parenthood who hasn't even fighting back and he put him in the crowd he put that man in the ground we absolutely put him the ground i have never seen a receiver handle a db like that i have never seen a receiver had od be like that i'm not sure i've ever seen anybody handle anybody like that pretty amazing move the lawless victory the only thing missing was joaquin's music and bruce buffer declaring a winner now i know that everyone's going to say that this is not the aga green they know this is not like him and not agree just like i can't condone what green did at all there is no place for that outside the octagon but i've got to admit on some level i'm kind of impressed again i don't condone it but that was a hell the take down and then when he got to the ground he got into the grounded pounder with lightning speed i mean i had no idea he had that kind of game on the ground every put his man in the ground as you can imagine ramsey's teammates were not happy berry church for one was not nearly as impressed with aj green snuggle of the children from a minute the cow move but hey you know they both had ejected we went out there finished the fight you also lost both calling it a quote coward move and then going scoreboards pretty strong pretty strong the band goes on the other hand as you'd imagine had their guys back and adam jones was the first got a jump in their quote some bleep you need to keep on the field and some bleep you don't bring on the field regardless of what it is and then he added now love adam jones is quoted just the best he added quote on not going.

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