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Allen, teddy gellman, is our producer. The top story we're following this morning, the January 6th committee investigating the attack on the capitol, will hold its first public hearing today in a while since a series of hearings has passed summer. The tales from WTO's Mitchell Miller, now today on the hill. Among the likely topics that today's hearing, the Secret Service and how it dealt with potential threats and concerns about former president Trump going to the capitol as an angry mob surrounded it. We have a lot of communications that we did not have originally. Maryland congressman and panel member Jamie Raskin recently alluding to Secret Service communications. The committee also plans to try to show the mindset of the former president as the violence unfolded and efforts took place to overturn the 2020 election. Donald Trump really planned on staying in office. This could be the final investigatory hearing, though the committee hasn't ruled anything out. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller WTO. That hearing is set to begin at 1 o'clock this afternoon, you can watch it live on WTO P dot com. 6 33 now in jurors have heard about a central piece of evidence in the case against oath keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and four associates who have been charged with seditious conspiracy in the capital riot. A member of the far right group who traveled to D.C. before the attack testified about a massive cache of weapons stashed by the extremist group at a Virginia hotel room, Terry Cummings show drawers and AR-15 rifle and an orange box for ammunition that he contributed to a so called quick reaction force, the oath keepers had staged at the hotel in Arlington in case they needed weapons. Federal investigators reportedly have surveillance video of government documents being shuffled around Mar-a-Lago, and they have questioned a staff for allegedly involved. Two years news has learned the FBI has seen videos of boxes of government records being moved around the Trump Mar-a-Lago estate and has talked to an employee seen on them who reportedly told investigators the instructions to do that came from the ex-president. It is pretty compelling evidence that he was hands on that this was not an accident. And that he had some motive for not returning the documents that were being subpoenaed. Former prosecutor now legal analyst Laurie Levinson, Tom foley, CBS News, Washington

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