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Out there and they have some pieces the deal but victor road blaze they're young centerfielder they're not trading him which is why sunny grazed ally the a's because they said you're not getting victor ablaze for sunny great tim switching gears aging bill tree became the first dominican player in the three thousand dominicaborn player and it three thousand club split his career from a historical perspective currently it out for while he certainly one of the greatest third baseman of all time there's no way round that he's played the second most games at third base of anyone in history only protracted and since play more among the contemporary guys he certainly one of the best my greatest third baseman of all time are this is just my list subjects not the correct tim perks at delivered to say this is right it's not it's mine i'm saying it's mike schmidt number one eddie mathews number two george brett number three chipper jones number four then it gets a little dicey for me i've got brooks robinson five based on when he played 16 gold gloves wade boggs number six wade boggs statistically ahead abrupt robinson but with all things considered i brooks ahead of him and then adrian belle trey falls about seventh now could you make case that he's in the top five absolutely and when you look at the power and the three thousand hits and the gold gloves and the leadership it's remarkable how good this guy is he just got off to a semis slow start in his career statistically because he came to the big leagues with his nineteen he's playing it dodger stadium where nobody's you know has it's hard to hit diver days and then he went to seattle it's harder to hit their than it isn't address david lee back then so he's had a difficult journey is fires big ballparks and everything but he's really come around to the point where he's one of the best players of this generation any first ballot hall of famer four scher we're talking with espn mlb insider tim kirch in to that point though we were discussing this earlier in the program voter if asian bill tray walked down the street in half the.

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