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What's it worth? Motorcycle accident. So I'm like stop paying on it. I. Yep. Oh, so it's totaled. Yeah. Is it gone? No. I wasn't worth as it sits. Really? Look at look they gave me to grade. But it's torn up right storing up. Yeah. So if you could get the eight hundred bucks out of what you big right, right? Great. So is that for sale yet? Do. I know it's on Craig's. Okay. Good good. Yeah. So start going through and doing that what you need to decide is where you can make the most money as a side hustle per hour. And then do a lot of those hours. I think that's graphic arts out of what you told me, but I could be wrong. It might be photography. It could be over. But I don't think it is. So and then I want you roll up your sleeves and start. You know, you sell the motorcycle. What's the next smallest debt? Credit card to K cool. You gotta cut up yet. It's hard. But I did it. You know, what manual fire? You got the motorcycle for sale you're thinking about selling a car, you're working. You do all those right steps. You just gotta get them real focused and real organized and bear down on it. Okay. Hit the hustle and grind button. Right. And. I'm a little bit afraid that you're just running out and doing Ober instead of concentrating on growing the other two businesses, which might be more profitable for your side hustles, Greg. It's kinda hard to just, you know, getting the business for photography getting the business for graphic arts is the hardest part. And I think you focus on that a little bit. And because I think you make twice per hour. What you're making Nobre and over like default button. And you just fall back into that. 'cause you don't wanna go try to gather up the business. Yeah. So let's do a little bit of self marketing here. Believe in yourself. You're probably good with that camera. Your visual arts guy. You're probably great with the graphics your visual arts guy. It's what you do your creative. And. And so I think you can make the most money that way a little bit of marketing of yourself their push that out there, and let's try to double your income this year with the side. And you do that you put another forty grand on this ninety in two years. You know, you're in a half you're going to be done with everything student loans car payments credit.

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