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Greetings welcome to the steve day show free podcast powered by crtv here on iheart tunes and stitcher glad that you would join us here today todd in aaron are here alongside me sti days we love to know what you think about what we think steve it steve dais dot com is the email address like us on facebook follow us on twitter at steve day's show last name misspelled d e a c e speaking of shows we just wrapped up today crtv show and if those with the promo code dais or who are already subscribers if they're gonna head over to crtv later today to watch aaron give them a little preview of what they're going to see what's days click baked you won't believe what steve said about msnbc's rachel maddow that's good click bait there yeah that was a good discussion to that entire fake news or not segment that was really good the just just it's it w if we want to recover what it really means to to to live together in this country to actually be americans we have to start developing and practising what we preach when it comes to integrity i hope that what we did today modelled that or what you did today model but talk i'm just glad you're doing the show after what you the street crowd you just got on twitter or you know you could walked out of here and that has not man i gotta tell your audience about this all right so i was on h l n earlier today and i like carol costello she's been good to me and i'm not trump were hey because you're nice to me a nice to you but there is that whole love your neighbors you have yourself thing right she's given me a chance to talk doesn't troll me demagogue me so i will return the favour.

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