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The second game of the doubleheader at Fenway park. When Ron Gardenhire used seven relievers to get the last twelve outs, Shane green closing out. The always seems to do. It's been a collapse for the Tigers bullpen and really the entire staff a bunch of the right of the mound. Buck farmer will feel though right by mail, man. I think he was thinking about a play at the play. It was a safety. Squeeze Cordell is coming home. But it was bunted hard enough. If he feels the play at the plate, but he looked up the ball. God by everybody, safer run in three one Chicago. That's exactly what happened. You could see him getting his feet in position to make the throw home just took his eyes off at trying to you know, out of the corner of his eye looking for Greiner. And just missed it. Err on the pitcher buck farmer, sacrifice credited to Leary. Go see him. He does get an RBI. But that would have been a sure out at home plate if he feels a Clinton. Now ground ball hit back to the mound fielded by former down to beckon one related. I him Anderson erased that's a good play by buck farmer reaching quickly to his right on back in on a soft tapper a one four three double play over two third goes Yohmor Sanchez. That's a big big run for Chicago. Buck farmer couldn't quite believe it when he missed, but he just peaked a little bit ready for a plate the plate. Got the ground ball that he needed just better too late. Going into game three in Boston. The Tigers starters. We're second in the American League in era. Intentional walk to a break with first base open. Why not it just kills Tigers pitching six hits and the two games in this series? So the intention walkie trots down to first since game three in Boston. Again going into that game. Second in the American League in the IRA team area. Three twenty three. Relievers were second in the American League. In the area starters were second in the American League in ERA, and then the last three days in twenty five innings of work. The Tigers gave up thirty runs on forty three hits. It was rather. Stunning. Three-game stretch seventeen walks Dan with the forty three hits in thirty innings. That's why yesterday might have come at the right time. Tiger hope me. We've seen a lot of good performances up until the last three days in the last three games. James McCann swings and fouls. Ninety four mile an hour fastball straight back to the screen big big run on a day when the Tigers offense has been silenced off a lot of good swings. Consistent at bats over the last eight games after nothing through seventeen games, but credit rhino Lopez. One heck of a start today with the power arm. Righty on writing this matchup. The strike one fastball. Dismisses inside when ball. One strike Tigers have to hits today was the bloop. Double in the first inning for Castanos. Grayson Greiner this sharp single that was back in the second inning. Only three baserunners since the second all on walks. Money Rodriguez shades toward the whole short Beckham shades up the middle of the outfield straight up on McCain, the one one swings and misses you wave at a slider down in a way. Over three today. The socks hottest hitters recrinching has been put in that cleanup spot and the two games in this series. Anyway. That's a first slider. That bucks thrown this this in like to see that that slide rather than the changeups to the to the right handed hitters one too fast bowling just because the movement on the change of coming in. And sometimes you can leave it on that inner half yet. I you know, it's not that you never can throw it. I just think it just sets up better to get right? Handers out with the breaking ball. Three run seven hits for the White Sox. One run to his for the Tigers. Each team has made an error the to swinging tap foul could live fastball from buck farmer. Couple of scores to update on the general RV scoreboard from one eight hundred call Sam studios nationally, five one Philadelphia over Miami. That's the Tigers are heading after an off day tomorrow two games and Philadelphia Tuesday Wednesday Mets five to over Milwaukee. Stephen Matt's at his third win of the year. Seven five Colorado leads Atlanta that was a top of the eighth inning in Atlanta as the LB's with two home runs in that game for the Atlanta Braves. Six six Washington in San Diego during in the bottom of the inning in our nation's capital. Mccain wedding. This'll be the six pitch of the at bat slider in the dirt. Good block again by gracing grinder, dropping down to his knees keeps the ball out to the right. Mccain has been a pretty aggressive hitter in his time in the major leagues drawn four walks early this year, but if this pitches closes he should be swinging. Minnesota's about to sweep Baltimore. They've played very well this weekend back to back games for Minnesota. That offense has suddenly become one of the best in the American League. Led by Polanco and resort. Oh, five home runs. Friday. Five home runs yesterday. Minnesota four one lead today in the eighth inning on the two home runs though. So it's an off day for the offense. The three to pitch. Swing and miss good fastball. Lohan away, McCann strikes out. And earned run. Even though the air probably.

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