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Of the Westboro in Hopkinton and the Mass Turnpike is clear out into that area as well. My king WBC's 24 hour traffic network, All right, Appreciate it, my friend. Thank you very much. We'll take the forecast coming up in 15 seconds. Obesity and diabetes increase your risk of heart disease, but so does loneliness. Our cardiovascular center experts at Tufts Medical Center explain and offers simple tips to help at WBZ. 10 30 dot com slash health. Some showers and rumble of thunder out there only on leftover shower late tonight, fog below 49 Tomorrow cloudy, cool rain at times, especially the afternoon. I 55 to 60. Rain. Some of the heavy tomorrow evening will taper off later at night. The little 50 mostly cloudy, windy Friday. Couple of showers I 62 to 66 Partly sunny, breezy Saturday. I 60 to 64, then warmer for Sunday. I, Mac, you others, John Fear WBZ. Boston's news radio thunderstorm Right now in Amherst toward 59 degrees, They're seeing some rain moving into the South shore as well. Showers right now and situated Norwell. Getting into Hall is well right now 48 degrees there north of town, raining on the north shore in Beverly 48 right now in Boston at 805 to started to rain and where it 51 A mother is someone who loves with all her heart. So this mother's day whether it's your mom. Step Mom or a strong mom figure. Celebrate her with 100 flowers right now, 100 Flowers is offering 24 multi colored roses plus of free vase for 34 99..

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