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Thank. Chris boyer gets the same question. He cannot give me the same answer as you even if he knows you gave me the right answer. He's got to make something that ever have. Have you ever heard the team. Give an answer. And you said that's the right answer. Yeah yes they actually have managed to fail up. Very rarely has happened. We'll see we'll see what happens tonight. Chris porter is gonna have to a different answer. Then it'll be up to christian. Who if he can get his mind off his upcoming birthday. Tell me which one gave me the right answer that the team was it or was it in fact neither what's playing for. Today is playing for a gift card to seaport. What's going on there. They have many of your favorite realtors retailers restaurant. All in one place is so pretty. And you can come you to report village for all the realtors real taylor's real taylor's also you can get your suit grass and retailer and buy a house start off. Charges made allegations seaport. Good luck. good luck to everybody here on this question about the news media october sixteen nineteen ninety-seven this appeared for the very first time on the front page of the new york times october sixteenth. Nine thousand hundred ninety seven. This appear for the first very first time on the front page of the new york times soil dress of some sort. Emily and like the monica lewinsky era is that is that the right timing does it. Ninety seven right. Sounds about outright. What about a full photo on the front page instead of tax. Write a photo of so. What's what's that emily. I didn't i. Didn't i couldn't sorry speaking through a mask. I just worry about getting specific. Have they ever done a full page front page photo. Instead of word presidential scandal on the front page maybe it was the first one. Could you ask the question again. Sir have you guys seen by the way the mean of markle meghan markle in the dress. She's sitting on the patio with oprah and she goes. I want to thank monica lewinsky for loaning me this dress. I never been noticed. Black dress into the shoulder is just have you seen notice it. It looks like it. Looks like it's hilarious here. We go chase october. Sixteen nineteen ninety seven. This appeared for the very first time on the front page of the new york. Times a human soil dress picture of a soil dress. Anything else so monarchists. Dress monica's blue dress. Lord blurred teens very first time. He's born address final. Answer your.

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