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For next week I was thinking you know. We've we've diverged from the path for so long that that I was getting itchy. It's we're diving back in. I've been back in for go back to the mainstream back on track top hopped over on the highway her. So yeah we but we can always jump off and an exit at any point though of Did you know man. That's what you're doing right now. Oh No that's all you were picking off the top two fifty. Oh no I veto that right now. You cannot do that for your your personal choices actually. Yeah it's on the list but I have like one of my favorite movies of really want you to watch much talk about it later but generally yeah offline all right. I'm Rollin I'm Roy. I'm on our page. Yeah right it's not very high up. Better Kayce man. We supposed to get on the highway. uh-huh detour ramp fourteen of way. Oh all right thank you More some more. Aw Immortal pedals. A horrific car accident connects three stories. Each involving characters dealing with loss regret. And and life's realities on. I only have one question for you. Yeah I always this movie two hours thirty four minutes and what streak are we on ninety. We've found the key if you WanNa make a good movie it's gotTa be at least two hours. Yes and then he'd critics will see and like most of this length you know. Could I give enough or a lot of people got genius. Because there's more filming done which leads to more rigged reviews news. Tell most the long ones have been this. One actually sounds cool though. Let me let me read it. a Morris Barrows is the bold intensely emotional national ambitious story of lives that collide in a Mexico City car crash inventively structured as a triptych of overlapping and intersecting intersecting narratives. Amores Perros explores the lives of Despair it characters who were catapulted into unforeseen in traumatic situations instigated by the unseemingly inconsequential. Destiny of a dog named Koffi. What what but took a full of a dog named Koffi Koffi? How do you spell that? Oh so it's instigated by the seemingly insecure so I think the dog is is ending setting off of that Kofi. Kate Z.. O. F. I co- who fire okay. Kofi the dog cool in risk. This movie came out in two thousand thousand or two guy who. I'm actually really excited for this. To here. Doesn't matter it sounds cool. Sounds like one of my I Favorite It sounds like city of God. Honestly well don't be impairing to to foreign films like that grant you wait. Guests is this guy Directed Guess what movie directed can't read his name. I'm not GonNa look at the movie So Johndroe Gonzalez in on one hundred zero. Is it a recent movie. Two Thousand Fifteen but it feels more recent twenty fifteen The Star was one of the stars in once upon time in Hollywood. The stars is one of the Guy There's a lot of stars male star. The he won an Oscar for it he wanted. Is it Oh oh oh gonNA pull this out of my ass. Is it the Reverend yes. Oh my God how do I know that bone. I assume he did Birdman as well which is on the list I think. Oh think Birdman. Dan is on the list right. Yeah I think Burma's enlist yeah so. This is a good director. Yeah I'm excited. Looks like a cool due to all right. That sounds sounds good for me sweet. It's always fun talking. That's a wrap peace in peace..

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