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What is going on right now so this is a bit of an explainer because it's based on an interesting raise that i actually passed on recently. Carl pie is the co founder of one plus the maker of those stylish android smartphones that managed to carve out a niche for itself in the android ecosystem pie raised eyebrows by leaving oneplus last year to found a new company. He raised further eyebrows by naming that new company. Nothing nothing had some interesting investors. Kevin lynn co founder of twitch. Steve huffman co founder and ceo of read it and tony fidel. Who created the ipod at apple and went on to found nest. Labs then last week. Gv alphabets venture arm not only led a fifteen million dollar series. A for nothing but it was the sole investor in the round now according to a uk filing nothing has raised that money to acquire essential. Andy rubens now. Defunct smartphone brand. Does this raise enough eyebrows. In terms of wet nothing might be doing in what clearly looks to be the gadget space. I think so quoting nine to five google. This means that all existing trademarks logos and the entire central brand are now the intellectual property pies alphabet invested startup. although it is unclear how this affects any of the patents currently held by essential while this does not necessarily mean that nothing is entering the smartphone market. It could be a signal of intent to do so in the not too distant future. Essential itself had been working on. Its own home. Smart hub and speaker. That would run ambient os. The device was originally planned to launch in late two thousand seventeen but never made it to market. Nothing has committed to launching. Its i devices in the first half of this year. it's also not clear if former engineers from essential have also joined pies. Start up as part of this involvement as it stands the process seemingly only includes the branding and trademark portfolio. One could speculate that. This is a play by nothing to access essentials patent catalogue with numerous patents relating to voice setup instructions and voice enabled home setup with a major focus for nothing being on smart devices and therefore smart home tech this would allow even faster development of enhanced technologies as the brand grows rapidly and quote but again. What is nothing. Actually doing. Well quoting bloomberg around that. Gv raise from a week ago. That i passed on reporting a week. Ago quote karl. Pi said his london based startup called. Nothing was developing a pair of wireless headphones as well as a suite of smart connected consumer electronics. The headphones would be released in the summer with other products. Following later in the year while consumer demand is high for true wireless earphones competition for a slice of the market comes from the biggest names in tech. Pi declined to provide specific examples. When asked to explain why investors and consumers should pay attention to what's being created by his team of about eighteen working on research and development and quote now. Of course. you know. Somebody had to snark around all of these sort of odd names as dan. Siefert snark on twitter quote. Nothing buys something. What is this new company. Essentially nothing and they will sell nothing..

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