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Of a sudden there is i find it really exciting we got time for some listeners questions here mark gardner says kenny 'then tell us that the sequel to the superlative boyhood has been secretly filming these past couple of years i wish so i wish i could say i will tell you that i'm surprised to say that when i see richard linkletter i sometimes catch him talking about revisiting those characters that there's a part of him that is interested in another chapter of that whole storyline in so i could imagine something in secret beginning it has not begun yet but he's not far off to imagine that it might he's done eight films with him i think yeah yeah so you'd be quite up for doing another one oh yeah ben wilder question you did an audio book reading slaughterhouse five which i listened to last year could you please do audio book readings of every other book as well well thanks i got to do that reading of slaughterhouse five while kurt vonnegut was alive and it he for some reason i got a note from a he really wanted me to record it and it was an honor to do it in you learn a lot about a book when you read the whole thing out loud and men vonnegut is i mean i have to say i've think about kurt to get all the time is i'll watch the news sometimes i feel past year and a half feel like a vonnegut novel when i watched the news and see some of the ridiculous things that come out of people's mouths and i feel like kurt wanna get made this up this isn't really as a prophet matt points question does ethan think there'll be another installment of the before franchise and would he be happy returning to the role absolute loads of people are asking the same question i'm sure you get yes so before sunrise before sunset before midnight i would be surprised if we never revisited those characters and i would be surprised if we did it anytime soon i i have a feeling that they will be revisited but it will need will i love those movies those movies are really dear to my heart in the idea of making a bad one or superfluous one would be very disappointing to me those movies happen because rick and julian i all were thinking the same thought and they kind of came out of us and when that happens again we'll ride another movie together i would we get from you next this is blaze which you've written and directed it's a movie about it it's kind of i call it a country western opera could've used the songs of blaze foley was kind of a forgotten he's not forgotten he was never known singer songwriter of the texas i comment the snuffle off of the outlaw country western music scene i don't know if you remember but did they have sesame street here yes a cool yeah well so big bird had a friend that nobody else could see called snuffle off guessing in a lotta ways townes van zandt was the greatest towns was the greatest american poet last fifty years by stevo who came on the show and sang songs to me wow that's be lucky you but plays in towns were friends and so towns big burden plays snuffle off okay all right so this is what you're next movies yes okay well we look forward to that ethan hawke thank you so much for coming in thanks for having me a considerably longer version of that going to be available on the polk cost i want one the film is out next week i before messy th and so i'm seeing it next week i'm looking forward to beijing because i think in one of the things that is excluding the longer post version is i think it showed like a horror film okay and my memory of it when i'm recalling the scenes now i'm recalling it in black and white and if it feels like a black and white picture whether it's no no no no no and he says we they wanted to do that but actually they wouldn't have got the money wouldn't go the backing if they wanted to make s black and white film i mean i'm i'm excited by the idea that pulls traders back on form because canyons was terrible and there was a lot business with xs dominion i didn't remember that business but i'm inclined not to ask you about but when canyons came out pulse rate a row thing on i think.

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