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And they will continue picking through the rubble carefully looking for the remains of people who lived and died in Champlain to herself. It's a B C's Jim Ryan zoning case over plans for a monastery in North Avondale A is being delayed hearing over allowing a group of priests to move into a home on Rose Hill was put off yesterday after neighbors complained they didn't get enough advance notice of that hearing. Oppositions from melting from people who live in north Avondale said they don't want the order of Legionnaires of Christ moving in because it's been linked to numerous cases of sex abuse. Construction, set to start now in the first residential community in Greendale, Indiana, grounds been broken on a $5 million development that will include 84 new homes at the crossing. Tanner Street new Subdivision of Indiana. One will be located about two miles from 2 75. Nothing to worry about writing the new roller coaster Kings Island. You may have seen Social Media post this week from people at the park who say they saw seats flying off of Orion. Park says what they saw were weighted water bags cutting loose during testing games. Island insists there's no issues with the new Giga Coaster. That's the park's tallest and longest raise in Milwaukee for the start of what's being called the biggest series of the season. Cincinnati in second place in the N L Central, six games back of the Brewers, looking to gain ground before the All Star break. Both teams come into the series winners of seven of the last 10 Reds coming off a win yesterday. Ever Kansas City and come from behind fashion picture. Sonny Gray needed a change of clothes to shut down the Royals bats. I came into the clubhouse. And I got completely naked. So I just kind of like, just kind of try to cool off change My journeys in my pants, my underwears. And my socks and just try to like, reset and start over works for Gray retired the final 10 batters he faced Reds went on to win 5 to 2 air time tonight from Milwaukee is 7 10 could be a rough day on Wall Street futures are pointing to a drop. More than 500 points in the down. We'll have the opening numbers in our news at 9 30, Brian Copes NewsRadio seven. Every wlw I want to introduce you. The Thundercats Technology. Thunder Cat Technology is a premier provider.

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