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Oh take your trade sucks you. Mike that trade. Can i ask you a question. My guess is since you're one of the you're you're one of the two dynasties okay. Do you have a championship. That do you have to tape chips in they lead. Why does andy. Yeah that's what he was saying where the two right. yeah no. that was what i was saying. Don't even trent dilfer want to super bowl once in a while to he never want to though. Oh my gosh we have. We have such a jam packed. Show today there are rumors they are. I updated my rankings. More in the last twenty. Four to thirty six hours than i had in the previous week just with so much news happening Training camps about to start yup. And i mean we're in it. It's go time. Five shows a week starting in august coming very very soon week from today. Something yeah so. Today we've got the nfc north the final divisional breakdown. Timing up as well as it could with some information out of green bay and speculation whenever you wanna call it. We have news in rumors to talk about. We've got a new segment. We're breaking out on the show today. I'm excited and that just made a dynasty trade for you'll elliott. Yes you did i'm welcoming mark andrews back home. Yeah the team that drafted him and made a mistake full letting them go and heal the league going back home. Is that what happened. The one that got away one. That got away got sometimes. You've got to undo your mistakes. Right they let the eagles let frank right go and they're like men. We shouldn't have done that. Let's try to get someone from his staff back and this was like okay. I i shouldn't have let mark andrews go andy got a title with mark andrews. I need i need him back Got i'm going to be taking a chance. Thrown noah fan out there as starting tied in next year. You know but you've got now And i hate that. This is true a handed. Yeah very excited that you have christian mccaffrey. Davin cooking ezekiel elliott all on the same roster now which socks and i apologize but for since we're talking about yeah you gotta trade Was zeke and fan for Rob anderson mark andrews Hema moster and a first rounder first rampant and that completes my Since this is the green bay episode that completes my evacuation plans for davante adams. So i turned davante adams into that group plus another i first rounders and a little. Bit of a rebuild. We will see. I mean we've had teams in that league. You guys know what playing dynasty out there where you're starting roster we've had we've had people run out a better four pack of yeah running backs in that league and have them finished last. So dynasty is tricky. Obviously i gave up some depth in that trade and we don't trade with each other a lot like it feels like the first step of trading with one of you guys is breaking down the barrier of being on full guard posturing like we should be able to have a normal conversation to trade with one. Another reality is whenever there's a player. I want and i go. Oh i want to make an offer player acts. And then i look. Who's got player exits. What are you to go. Yeah cramp forget never mind. I don't even make an offer is which really means you. Just wanna take somebody for a ri- say more so right when you when you see that they're on my team you go. Oh i'm going to have to overpay right exactly. And i would like to not do that. It's true it's true. Hey check out. The ultimate draft kit. You heard good friend at the top of the show talking about todd. Todd.

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