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Miami, who was just a bit player there. They've got a recruit, like a top 80 guy coming in and gave cups and along with a Kai Newton who's a four star player there. So they have pieces, the question is Gary Parrish. Do you have Indiana ranked or does embos edition not even get you there? Because I think getting embo is the piece that gives Indiana fans hope that this can continue, as I said, to start this in the right direction. Year one was solid year two was a little bit better. They almost broke through everything into the second weekend. They ran into final 14 Miami there. Hiding in the next season, I don't think you can ask this team to be too much better than it was last season. But at least in Baku, who I think has a chance to be one of the 5 most productive freshmen in the country, I think this was borderline necessary for what's in to make sure that the momentum is still going in the right direction. I do not have Indiana ranked. Do you agree with me if he would have committed to Kansas? It would be almost unanimous number one Kansas. Because I think, especially if in Baku's deployed the right way and used the right way, that's why I want to see what happens here at IU. Yeah, I think K you probably needs to be, although I'm never a fan of unanimous number ones because we see how that can backfire. But from a practical standpoint, it would have been hard to argue against the jayhawks but that's not where we're at. I do not have Indiana in the top 25 and one. But I do think if things break the right way, they've got a legitimate chance to be the second best team in their state. Again. I think Indiana, if everything goes the right way. Can be the second best men's basketball team in the state again. Okay, gosh. I think that's on the table. Like, I don't think that's set in the bar too high. Like can you Indiana, IU, be the second best basketball team in the state of Indiana? I think so. Do you think so? I do, I do. I take it and do that. And I don't think that. Is that setting the bar too high for them? Would Indiana fans be like, come on, GP, don't get unreal. I think you can be the second best team in the state of Indiana. Wow. I'm trying to, you know, this commitment happened what four days ago. I'm trying to give IU fans a little bit of love on the show. Talk about their big, their big git that's going to have them, you know, believe in they can be a factor in the Big Ten race. And here you are. Let's try Indiana fence. Listen, continue to listen to the show. I'm working as best I can for you. But you see what I'm up against here. I think no. Listen, there was a time where I think Indiana would set out to try to be the best men's basketball team in the state of Indiana every year, right? We lived through that. We remember that world enough to remember that. And so, you know, over time, things change. I still think they can compete to finish in the top two. Depending on what obviously depending on what's going on with the sycamores. I think they could be. One of the greatest players in the history of the game literally did leave in the end of the play for Indiana state, so there's also that. Okay. Is it true that Indiana has under achieved each of the past two seasons? Underachieved? No. Well, in 2022, they started 30th that Kim pom and they finished 48. And in 2023, they started 12th at Ken bomb and finished 31. So is it true? That Indiana has underachieved each of the past two seasons. I guess according to Kim pom, it's true. I don't feel like Indiana underachieved last season. What? I'm clearly just goofing around this whole bed. This is a whole lot just goofing around. Here's the big picture. What are you talking about? They finished tied for second in the Big Ten. They had the second best player in the country. They got a four seed and went up against a final four team and played them well and won 23 games in their second season under Mike Woodson, I don't feel like it was an underachieving season for Indiana. I feel like they might have hit the mark of what was reasonably expected. You thought that they underachieved? I'm not even joking. This isn't a bit. I feel like they kind of leveled out where they should have last season. Okay. And they didn't have to give your Johnson. Jalen Japan, female is going to be a first round pick. I know. I have too many issues. I mean I'll just keep it simple. They were projected to win the Big Ten. They didn't. They started 12 at Kim pom and finished 30th. What are you talking about? That's underachieving. Okay. I mean, in what world is that not underachieving? I didn't pick Indiana to win the Big Ten. So I guess in my I have at this for my own expectations, I didn't have Indiana lofted that high. I saw the bigger picture. I knew it was actually possible. And achievable, and I didn't, I didn't hold on to that kind of thing. I believed in him. I picked Indiana to win the Big Ten. I believed in him. But like, you know what? That's on me. That's on me. Fool me once. Shame on you.

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