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Powering possibilities all right. Well as danny talked about the problem with all of the Kalpa is you know. Dog pies are a little bit of an issue for people who make problem problem especially on carpeting and so another thing that people have to keep the carpets clean is the roomba robot vacuum but tyson. What happens when the roomba inevitably runs into a dog high. We came into that. We covered a story like that a couple of years ago and the roomba spread the dog poop. All over the apartment and everything. A jackson pollock painting over the entire footprint. You yes yes over here. And so it was disgusting and anybody who owns a dog should immediately have gotten rid of their roomba which inevitably probably angered the robots But that's i mean it was really bad bad situation. Guess very bad situation. Well have no fear because the roomba j. seven-plus is here that has given customers even more control over their clean with a camera that will help it now. Avoid pet droppings instead of smearing them all over the floor. That's great news but also like let's say danny's one of the world's leading camera scientists and you get a call from room but it's like. Hey danny bryson we've got the most important Is going to change humanity. And you're like amped because you've always just wanted to help humanity with your knowledge like you're going to spend six years working on a camera that can recognize dog heard my life is. It's that's my legacy you. I can retire. I don't have do anything else. The rest of my life dante. bryson bill. The camera the greatest camera ever but it only recognizes dog turds. And you've had to surround yourself with dog shirts over the last six years all different kinds and styles to make sure that each and every one of them is recognized. What's funny tyson is. There was a team that built one hundred physical models of pet droppings and then trained in algorithm on over hundreds of thousands of images to get the device to avoid crap so someone really did devote a like. They came out of mit. They were fresh race naive hopes and dreams and they send on the poop project. You know like two years and now they're completely burned out. Sounds about right yeah. You shouldn't come from the southampton institute of technology that's very possible. I don't even know what technology that is is. Everyone have an institute of technology. I feel like you know every state should have one or city But it doesn't matter if that was built that's something to be proud of. That's more than most people ever built in a lifetime. A- poop of version software. And i use it on my truck like why not put that on a tesla budgets. Airbags go off is no when i get near a countered your pop out from the side of my fenders so to collect a spray. Yeah danny what you need is the roomba that does clean up the cow poop. You need solid up into your car to keep it driving Well we have a bulldozer at work to dry. But if i was all i would do is just drive with the blade down at doesn't sound like the danny brazen.

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