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Mindful that you're talking about. Life. Over the course of my conversation with him I felt many many things I think Poulton. Story is an incredible one, because it has so many twists and turns so many moments of Discovery so many moments of him, coming into his adulthood, and learning that plants were such an important path towards that towards self respect towards being more caring, and so I think for me it was an incredible, emotional, rollercoaster learning, more and more about plan, care, plant investment, and what it means to say, goodbye to plants because you spend so much time with them after today's conversation. I one feel guilty which I always. Maybe not what Hilton intended but it made me think about all of my plan. Babies at home that I miss It made me think about how I went astray from talking to them, I used to talk to my plans. All the time and life has gotten so busy that I've forgotten to take time to do it. and so I, think that today it reminded me that maybe I need to spend more time with Dolores and Layla and Cleo fees, and all the ones that I haven't quite named yet. Maybe I will go home. And I will name some more of them i. hope that anyone who is out there and living a savage lifelike me or like I was I should say and maybe taking care of their plans, but maybe not taking care of them as well as we can. I hope that. This conversation inspires you to take a beat to take a moment to check in with your plans to check in with yourself. To water both your plans and your own soul, which sounds so cheesy, but it's so true. So That's all for today, but we'll be back next week with another episode until then. Don't be afraid to find what you love. Share with the world. It's free from the mountaintop your attention..

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