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Milford to Galbraith then between humble and the cut in the hill we will keep you updated on those three previously mentioned accidents throughout the afternoon I'm rob Williams newsradio seven hundred WLW ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred W. L. job well today is all about the refreshing whether we're gonna see temperatures Max out in the mid eighties today with low humidity levels the only knock on the forecast will be a slight chance for a shower or storm to pass over the tri state this afternoon through the early evening hours now tonight will be drying cool as we see those temperatures drop back into the mid sixties for me severe weather station I'm nine first warning meteorologist Austin Winfield newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. we do have a little bit of rain in the tri state right now in southeast Indiana near blooming Grove that's north of Brooksville and E. N. Butler County the seven mile Trenton middle town and then roll areas seeing some rain right now eighty three degrees in Cincinnati Dorian's winds are now one hundred and fifteen miles per hour and is now category three may hit the southeastern U. S. overnight Monday into Tuesday the winds are going to be whipping Florida about twenty four hours before that the governor Rhonda Sanders says don't underestimate we anticipate this arriving somewhere in Florida as a major hurricane I could reach job for category four plus wins you know that is a significant significant storm you contract Dorian on seven hundred WLW dot com we're a couple.

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