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I not to is going to be successful. Just because of who he is. But he loves it, man. He's very excited. He's going to turn it around. I can tell and he talked. On. Twitter. He message. He just committed you know, the and if I may take a second congresses so his commitment ler on Twitter. So this I wanted like all the schools who took the time to could be specially SMU. So the Methodist enriching anti all this process hasn't been easy. I've met many wonderful people and have been given many great opportunities, then you to my father forgiving me the opportunity to come to the United States and always lowing me to follow my dreams. Many other people have helped me during this process. You know, who you are? And I appreciate all of you with that being said, there was absolutely no better opportunity for me than to beat at, you know, the with coat awesome. Burger he has had a huge impact on my life since meeting him a year ago. And I'm one hundred ten percent committed to him. Him and the program. I'm extremely excited to call myself rebel in all caps. Well, then thank you Rena with such conviction. Oppose. So I mean, he has people belching for him in. We can't see anything until we get these the workout started in the spring there. They'll be they'll beginning back to work pretty soon our rebels, and no you said you in are they got knocked out the second round. I know they didn't just lose the first game. They got they made it to the second SIMI's. Yeah. But Yuna v not that we we are John John's making that John's making that really clear, I think for UNLV as I'm always gonna say, we, you know, because I've I've lived here my whole life. Like, I seen voter say, we if you wanna to be journalist. Alright young lady will young, sir. I'm gonna say we when I say, you know, V, and we'd literally don't have a choice to give her. It's nowhere but up forty eight and forty eight that's tied for shit. Like that's sailing dumpster. If you've seen that emoji. Seen that Jif assailing dumpster fire. No, I haven't seen that. But I think that we will have a good next season. We don't have a choice but to have a better next season. You know, if will have a better your next year. Coach also help Dona Tonio committee. You want those percentage from three. Yeah. Let me know forty one percent forty one any. That's what kind of often see runs thirty eight percent threes. He was like the fifth most efficient on offense. A Lou over like one point one points per possession. And he helped bring a fun style. Offense to South Dakota state, and that offense offense efficiency is going to translate to, you know, the player like Joan Antonio coming aboard trae Woodbury saying there's you know, trae Woodbury. Yeah, he's three point specialist, and he staying he's another point coach Augsburg amaze press conference was he's going to really crude the young men and young men on this on the current roster. Okay. And Trey was the first to recommit to, you know, the ain't no what his oftens fits exactly with those odds wants to do at know the end. If I may finish outs burger and trae would join the Tony and the others fit. Exactly what the coach wants to what players. He wants his system. And that's only bode well for the run road basketball. I think that it's really kind in coming into a new system that's already messed up. It's everybody's heart is pretty heavy. Everybody's emotions are high in this bath basketball program because they're tide of losing think about thinking about losing going the class the next day. So for a coach also also burger to re- recruit the already made roster. I think is good. I think that's good for the future of the team because they feel special NATO leg off. Okay. It's gonna build off that finish. Let me finish they'll build off that momentum. Okay. I know what this coach cares about us. This coast literally washed us lose this coach doesn't want us to be in the same position. And since in instead of just coming in with. All right..

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