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To automated train operation and automated doors next year if approved by the Washington metro rail safety commission. Since the 2009 red line crash at fort Todd and that killed 9 people, metro's train operators have manually stopped and started trains. The transit agency says returning to automation would lead to an increase in safety, metro says safety concerns after that 2009 crash of all been addressed including the faulty track circuit issue that led to the crash. This is WTO news. Coming up after traffic weather, the top stories we're following for you this hour, a new report blasts a Northern Virginia school system's handling of sexual assault, a preliminary report from federal aviation investigators provides more insight into what caused a small plane crash in Gaithersburg about a week ago, tens of thousands of people remain without electricity in a North Carolina county where authorities say two power substations were intentionally shot up. Stay with WTO for more on these top stories and just minutes. It is 1218. Traffic and weather together on the Gates, let's go to Carlos Ramirez and the WTF traffic center. Sounds like a plan. Thank you so very much. We'll start off in Merrill Lynch. You're headed across the bay bridge. They have work zone across the westbound span, so on the eastbound span they are running two way traffic a single lane gets you by in either direction. Westbound side of central avenue has a work zone between Largo road and Jennings mills road, Jennings mill road, far right lane is currently blocked there. It's a little slow, but nothing to write home to mom about. If you're headed eastbound on route 50 and it just passed kennel worth avenue on your approach towards landover rhodey got a right lane block there with minimal delays, just watch out for the cones. Also in Maryland, the outer loop of the belt way headed past New Hampshire avenue has two left lanes blocked with the work group. Inner loop of the beltway, the accident scene happened during the 8 o'clock hour, sounds like they are still out there with it. Watch out after old Georgetown road on your approach towards three 55, you should still have some accident response there. The outer loop of the beltway headed into Virginia, the work zone is headed past one 93 Georgetown pike, single left lane gets you by there. Also seems like they've got the work zone. It doesn't seem like they do. The work zones on the ramp from the outer loop of the beltway onto southbound GW Parkway has now you should only have a single lane getting by there. Interlude with the bell white, your jammed up from gallows road to 66, single left lane gets you by there. Play beat the book at MGM national harbor each week and you could win a share of $15,000 in free play, must be 21, please play responsibly for help visit MD gambling help dot org or one 800 gambler. Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. Thank you, Carlos. Let's go to storm team four meteorologist Doug camera. Still tracking some showers on 14 four radar, making their way on through the area and we'll see those right on through the morning rush and then off and on

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