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A severe allergy to roman gods no it isn't epizootics this is the process of telling the story so captivating that it causes the listener to fall into a trance so an epa this is an epic tale that causes someone to fall into a train it's the process of telling a story in such a captivating manner it's either that or could be something else senator what is epizootics this her a skinnier tation generally of short duration a skin irritation generally of short duration let's a an epa souks this is a rash rash answer anyway put me into a trance or it could possibly be something else what what is epizooty gray epizootics its mps uc sis epa these oops us epi souks this is the repetition of a word or freeze like epizootics this four emphasis epizootics it's greek okay it's the repetition of a word or phrase emphases envelopes or it's a rash or it's a captivating story it's one of those in real life tony which one is the real epa souks slope we made the mistake of trying to proceed logically show i am gonna have to wake my brain clear i'll tell you what i do we do i for you know like what what the epi center at the durmus epilogue episode cabin com i don't know what it means but if you put the letters in a triangle shape it's exactly the same as the i chart at my off the all just nuts as he i think you're belabouring the obvious here which is uh you know epidermis in asia and the senator went to skin irritation of short duration listen i will okay argued gotten personal okay i've had many skin irritations of short duration nobody has ever nobody has gone for mr epa show you one right now i want to say it's right come on i'd only so we're gonna go i think with rhetorical rip repetitive phrase i mean i'm the.

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