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Every single five K chunk. Yeah. Well, the first the first twenty eight K was that was with help with the pacemaker. She was she was really helpful. But then after that, I think once you're not won't once I'm locked in a rhythm. I I just run are quite good. At staying in that rhythm on. I've done it in training. See Nicola system in training you like metronome? He's not set. He sets me like a no three reps, and I'll just run three K reps and each one will be pretty much the same. And I find it really hard though to do the pace change. So that's why I guess never get ten K Rana 'cause whenever he sets me one K reps. Then I have to run foster than Martha pace and terrible. But then I can run on note twenty by one k in the same pace. But then I can't run two seconds loss to face. It's the weirdest thing. I caught run like Boston three fifteen Piquet. But then I can run forty K three twenty so weird feel like coming. A couple of things, you know, one you run an amazing personal fullness. And then you kinda go under this finish country. Don't you in race? You get given these red house, and and you have to turn rather than in heavily pitches. Taken like two twenty five. But also, did you realize you've gone third on the UK? Oh timeliest. So before the race two days before spoke to Adam. And I said to him he was like, what do you think you're gonna go out? And I said, I think Nick said to twenty five that's why I can run some gonna that pace. And then I said to him if I run t- twenty five I get on the time said that's my goal and actually said that to three days before and he was like, well, you know, we just have to see how the race goes just focus on China run a good race. And so in my mind, I thought if I have a really good day. I'll be third on the Thomas. I said if I haven't average day a run like to twenty seven, and then I don't know what that makes me on the all time this, but still PBS still Olympic qualifier. So my good day was gonna be third on Neil Thomas. Also, really happy that I'm honest to do that. And speaking of Olympic qualifying time, only, go wedding song, dealing caller time. But also significantly you within the talk ten Israel, isn't it? Yes. So the top ten was actually from the I AA it's Olympic qualifier your top ten in the Martha major or the world championships. It's another qualifier. So it doesn't guarantee selection yet it doesn't guarantee so that chin, but it is. I mean. I mean, you know, we don't want to I wanna tempt fate. But it's pretty nailed on. Yeah. No. I don't wanna tempt fate either. The last two Olympics have come so close and midst of them so having active Olympics before so, but I've come very close the last two times. I'm really every time. Someone else me. I'm like, well, I'm not selected yet. So I don't wanna say to letter that until I actually on the start line. I don't feel like have made it yet. But yeah, I I am pretty close. Just. Yeah. I think is a big tick in the box, which is good will in a us done. I don't know how it will affect your future race plans. Because you've done everything you need to do to get selected, and it's up to other people that wish to get selected to do better than that. Yeah. It is. I don't say they're all three spots available. So it would have to take like three people probably to run foster them mail on. And I. Tonight. We'll take. Yeah. Rewrite of of British Matheny histories top three. But yeah, it would never say, I know. I don't want to say, yes. In the team yet. But yeah, it was really healthy with the way it went unto come in the top ten overseen even didn't know what position all in because I have to me. And then I have to the net muscle. I, but I was just trying to be as many people's. I could say I didn't know that the net. Mass was number ten and the always at she going into tenth. No, I didn't have include. So I just knew that. I was saying that muscle. I had don't see the racer inside me. Yeah. Wanna wanna be as many people as I can always I like it in national. Also, find difficult about the marathon is when you're in American let London it's not really a race. And I don't I do better when it's a race environment. Whereas London's more like a time trowel. So you don't you don't feel like you're in a race. You just feel like it's you running against the clock. So the last the last five K guess probably was my quickest because those seeing people and also. Yeah. Go to catch them, which I do prefer. You've always had that racing mentality in a long history of being a an international competitive athlete actually racing is something that you've always done. Well, yeah. I do. I just I just love writing and I find. Yeah. That's why it's hard on the Martha and on the other pick marathons because the Africans go off a pace that you can't even start with. So you don't feel like you're in the race. Actual for the first K. You're not in a race. You're just trying to run a good pace that you can maintain. Whereas other say, for example, the world championships you actually feel like you're in a race the whole time, which does actually help help me I find because it takes your mind off looking at the time. And also you're just trying to pick off as many people as he can. So I I do before running in that race environment on running. Running as females like having a very fast thirty kilometer woma up is. Yeah, that's that. He want my coach ROY says he says, you know, you just go to the keeping control the first k kind of riding on the bus. And then he help off the bus at thirty K just. Yeah. China day the rights, but then obviously, it does depend who's around you because you can't control who's going off to heart and died or whatever. But yeah, you just try to get the and then the rice thoughts should talking about Buddha about that training. So Nick is you'll know coach he's based in Melbourne. I think we've had his his wife Sonya, I sort of on the show. So what was different in your build up? Did you go and spend time with with Nick in Melbourne like what what do you think has has made some of that full minute difference? While last year, for example, I was in Australia Ford, January February March I came back did the big hall, and I go pay won the race and everything's going. Great. And I think actually in two twenty six shape last year, and then three weeks before the rice stress reaction in my FEMA. So I had to pull out London marathon. So that was really annoying and then later on in the year, again, I think into twenty six shape and all in summer, it's training with British Essex for the European chumps. And then eight canes the race. I had pulled out the Myra thing. I got ready by Crump, Mike, call my hamstrings. I've never had it before. And it was really strong. I literally could run side to dropout eight k which was yet ready oversee a terrible day. So last year I go into twenty six shake twice. I think obviously I just didn't run a race. So people look at this race. And then all massive jumped in my mind. Last year in two twenty six shape. So this time around the training was a lot easier because last year only got into that shape twice. So is just doing it again. But then of getting a bit foster. So this time we pretty much did the same training as I did lost twice. But yeah, I just found that clicked together easier because I guess lost year. I did that that work, but just didn't run a rice lost year. So yeah, did pretty much the same training as I did loss. It just I had Sinead to train with which was a massive help because previously Nick didn't have any female marathon runners so's doing training have people in the bike to rob with. But I didn't have I didn't have actual person to run with stories in the. In the kind of do we doing all your sessions together? Push each other in long. Yes, I January February and the start of March out in Melbourne and odd Goto training, and yet, let's just mention aid. Nick, also knew come on the bike. With us Sinead is actually always ahead of me every session of sauce literally trying to catch catcher in every session. But it was still good to have someone there to start with WalMart with and then. Yeah. And the recovery she joked back for me. So we we training together for that time. So it definitely helps to have her the wrong with. So I mean, that's backgrounds. Those it that you also very familiar with is having a strong group to help you in in training, actually when you get to elite women's marathoning that's quite hard to find yet. It's hard to find an obviously we have two guys inaugural as well. Brett romas. Brett Robinson, Jack Raina who also did the marathan. So we'd have them to run with as well. So it was kind of like a group of us and even on the easy runs. See we can run with the the guys on the easy runs. So having a group was really, really helpful. It just yeah. Didn't Y just helps you to focus on training and get yourself to twenty-five math. You're the back of loop. Yeah. I want actually wasn't a bucket a group because obviously should I already run ready run twenty five the previous she was trying to train at a level that was false than to twenty five. Whereas for me t twenty five was like the main goal that was a good day to twenty five what? So I was probably training to twenty six twenty seven around that time of year. So staying her like storming ahead. Also, one of I gonna catch every session. I would do like to be about twenty thirty seconds ahead of me and also only to get better and try and catch her. But yes, she was flying. So it was it was hard to be in the back of it did help me a lot. That's a healthy elite environment

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