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Net, w DVR it is June. The first two thousand nineteen voter where we got DD six Google recoil, and owing house there by doing this season. He got it on mute there six. Fantastic. Whenever he finds that he'll end migos. He by too. I guess I'll try to meet him. I was gonna say I I can't because he, he needed himself. I think I heard walkaway go there. He is. He's back can hear me now. We can she told me this way. So what's going on? Do you now you always talk about we should record the reshow earned? You know, I'll tell you there was one for the bucks. One for the books people. I'm like, petard a Bill that I need to pay. So I'm not worried about it. Here. It's up stapled to anything. I say here for the last twenty minutes, right? No gel. At least the bullet topics that I got, you know, topic, docking Boints. And then one talking point, I expanded on on a whole piece Baber handwritten notes, and with names and dates and everything else. And then the crippled hand went for the Cup of coffee didn't properly Qripoli rip it and Qripoli spilled it all over my fucking ipad. No thumb drives coffee ashes. Luckily, the dog had just moved down below tow notes, but I did it's view, re written down, Gregory. So this is DV radio. The night of cripples. Flynn cripples attack. Oh, why are week? It's good. I don't think I was home last Saturday. I was on the I did I even make it into the show last week. No, no. I was on for a minute. Yeah. I douse the night before the event, I was still awaited, then I said. No, I wasn't there. Okay. While I'm back people back at the farm office that was the night when you couldn't find your shorts that you wear Phil. I was there. Thank you, Google. Dammit gu. I was just starting to that, right. And then you put it on there, because as I said that tax, I went pucker watched this go on Facebook or knows you'll probably fucking doc about it on the air. So I went and booted up the ipad and downloaded the app and see how easy that is even this cripple guy can do it will right when it hit it turned on. I could hear Google just got it acts from six twenty six. You can't say that Google's not ever there for you. She just back you up on barracks, FOX and. Filed that away. But anyway today, I mean I still like minor bone to pack by cheese. Just the land all I mean, you gotta respect your elderly people. You can't be you have to when you do these events, you have to taking incineration, you know, the, the difficulty and so, so we have this thing we've been doing for the last couple of years here. The farm and we've been incorporating the dot the dogs both dogs on these. They have a whole bunch of hiking trails up these mountains all of her lowered southern Hampshire and we've been hitting them and I haven't relate been going, Google has been taken the guys that are in charge drain the dogs, I join them, the trail I was told was was easy and yeah. Yeah. Always not easy at the beginning. Our up the mountain balm out my ass. We, we made it up. The dogs made it a bird went along to the part. She got her exercise in him. Google Google hung in there. Bet you're not in the horse, I was in the rear with the with the gear, and even though I wasn't carrying any gear, but I was in the rare pulling it up and mobile was leading the way. And then we let one of the residence, take point next thing you know, how many fucker we going, he's got a ton owes fall on the Trump that at what your molest truck driver now and anybody else here we were all army, but it was only one eleven Bravo's took the crippled guy took point. Here we go. So. I'm all about. You made it to the top and back to the bottom y'all. We, we have multiple rally points and, or L wait. No RPI on top of the summit. And then we back down, but a good day for the butts and all that. So what else is going on before I let you guys talk like get your shit out of your system and tell me when. Your time. This is your time. All right. Everybody locked we'll for first and foremost. This last past weekend. I was out of state down in northern Virginia. No Virginia, I was at Jimmy's old town tavern? Now, you have this annual event for Memorial Day where they do a bike ride go pay respects to the fall, and they're part of that role in funder and though, years rolling thunder. Remember was supposed to be the last and it doesn't sound like that's gonna happen. Trump said that President Trump said that do you guys want to make this interview this tradition? They were all, like, yes. And he says, we're gonna find a way to make up to. That's a positive. I want to thank Jimmy's old town tavern, but especially the reckoning. Reckoning motorcycle club, the Potomac chapter of northern Virginia. Especially meal by shot out a mule, and scavenger of the Potomac chapter reckoning motorcycle club for having Jimmy sponsor, the DV farm at their day-long event. It's their twenty second annual bike and bash run. There were concerts. There was a concerts that started at noon outside that ran until two three in the morning. And then there was a band inside to play him, though, to advance outsi- Bandon side at his tavern playing until late into the night. They had vendors food. Kinds of great people. I cannot thank them enough. The staff were great the motorcycle club where awesome was there all day. I didn't make it into the wee hours. No. A made it so six at night. So but they raise two grand. I've been told in they're going to be, you know, Sunday that soon. They actually with all the donations and. Bending sales the proceeds that came off for the farm, it came to just shy to grant. So the owner ponied up and made it uneven to grants. I cannot thank them out for sponsoring Devi farm to share. It was an awesome time down there. So. I do did did. I know. That was good. All right. I'm going to be doing a live video on the pages, especially the farm to properly thanked him. I'll rewrite all this shit and won't use any profanity. Alright like that, and I'll be fully rested. I don't know if you guys know this, but this past on the twenty second, it's something that you all have been asking for. And even some of them odds, I know recalls been bother me about it, and just we need a closed group. We don't have enough to do. We should start a close group. So. Well, let me tell you. We started the DV close grow the page is not one of the things I heard on the pages. Are they keep asking? Is this gonna go away? No, it's not. It's almost two million dollars. Even with all the Facebook does the lock us now with our reach. But it's just because of this with the, the way Facebook's going. A little birdie told me I think I've talked about this last week. I'll expand again but the groups have a little bit more leeway. And so I've chosen to to go that way, and it's a closed group we just crack five hundred five thousand members today with that being said, we can no longer change the group to a secret or to an open group, which I never intended to. But that is now locked out. We're going to remain closed group, you have to apply to get in, and it's just for active duty former military of any branch any error. Any MOS and foreign allies are welcome. Holy crap. Do we have a lot of followers in Canada? A lot in the Australian a lot in the Netherlands, the Danes, the polacks, Germans, South Africa, the idea, it's an checks, you know, lots all lock ins or whatever. Every time I say that I think of Bill Murray. It's a piece of cake. We go in. We check us Lamont. Yeah. Mm on? I guess I'm not funny. Boy, I need a laugh track just to keep me going far. Doing bills. Vol is probably doing internet stuff. Yes, the close group. Look, seriously, Dow and wrinkle you gonna you can bounce off me with this to improve your to signs him. But I don't know what, what it is. But maybe there's this impression we've had this, I've seen this in the past, when we first started bringing on a whole bunch of other people that run different things even. I'm not going to mention any names. Well, what I think DV stands for. And what somebody's mother burgers thinking, sands words are there on two different wavelengths first and foremost, whether you call yourself a db and not. We have veteran 's, and I truly believe we should be held to a higher standard. Now, we'll hold you to a higher standard. Hold myself liar. Standard. Okay. I've been harping on this mantra that mantra that, you know there's a difference between being a dick versus being an asshole. You know, don't be a dick on the fucking group in the group are on the page assholes there. Okay. There's a big big difference. And if you don't know that difference, and you're a dick. I. There's a difference between shooting somebody straightened, just blatantly fucking trying to cause issues. Yeah. Exactly. While I'm already added in the last twenty four hours. So the way to group works is, you know, you approve people, I have two standard questions, a lot of people are I'm gone over a thousand fourteen hundred people in the in the box waiting. The, the join, unfortunately, failure to follow simple bucking instructions. I, I some of these people is beyond maze. -ment your two questions. You have to answer both what is right the day change. Sometimes right now for the last five days, the bottom questions always been the same active duty former military, if yes, what branch and country, did you serve it? Although they'll answer the branch but the leave insult one blank. So after about five days, they finally answer it. And then a get in, you know, but until then no, I'm amazed at even though I've been very, I've articulated it as clearly as I can that it is strictly for the military, people know, spouses know friends, whatever that they I have one, put under military service. I I'm so fast with that approved I've, I'm trying to slow down, but I see Iraq. Combat that Iraq Afghanistan.

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