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Hopefully, this kitchen's guy knows what he's doing. Because Freddie, kitsch they've got so much town on that offense, and they gave to Johnson at three year deal for the years. So it was like evidently he was a big part of their future. But who knows what's going on there? Freddie, kitsch definitely real person. Freddie kitchens. Trae kitchen one hundred percent of this is his name second best only Jim Bob cooter in terms of coordinators cooter. That's one of the names of my fantasy league from home gym, JIMBO pretty kitchens, though. Oh my God. Freddie kitchens. Let's go to Dion Lewis of the titans planet. Dallas last week. He had one of his best games of the season thirteen Russia's ninety three yards. Six catches sixty four yards. The the the Cowboys have been pretty good against the run actually this year, but they have given up some catches to running back. So I think that could be worth Lewis makes his Mark this week. I'm actually. Tentatively in on him. I'm the titans offense does not inspire a lot of confidence. But I think that Lewis in this game script probably get seven six or seven targets and make the most of them. So I'm in on him this week. Yeah. My thoughts are actually more about the Cowboys than the titans. Cowboys. Are we thought about them as having a great offense align for years, they're actually now just a great deal on actually decent decently? Good secondary interested good defense. So it's more about rephrasing. How I think about the Cowboys. Speaking of them, though, more Cooper, I have the same thought almost the exact same thought on Amari Cooper has golden Tate, even though they have nothing in common as people or careers. I would never play a receiver one week after he gets to the team. I know they are each basically were able to get there by week and integrate. I don't buy any of that. I'm willing to risk that he gets touchdown three. When he won't like it so much timing that you have to develop like think about how all offseason like he's not been able to do anything with teams and practicing with fully three years. There's no chance he just he's still learning. These guys names. I. It is. So not worth the risk to play him. Put it this way. He's on our team in the Reagan league. We're going against your team this week. We have I think what what's the technical term dog shit for court for for receivers. And we're still playing them ICU for so I'm just waiting to see how that plays out as we talked about last week. I'm still kind of in the friend zone Cooper. I'm actually kinda cited to see how this goes. But. Decay. No, it's the same. If you've golden tastes the same thing next week like imagine if you switch jobs, would you do anything in your first week? Would you accomplish anything? You're not starting to marry either. No god. No, absolutely. Not the same. No. None of them. I think we should go back on this next week and save your right? I do I'm so willing. I'm so willing to be wrong on that. If okay them wrong, it sucks. I will not start a receiver for the rest of my life. Well, the next year we're going to talk about is germane curse again. So he had ten targets last week to the week before ten the week before that so twenty two target in three games. He hasn't done a whole hour them. I'm out on him this week. I guess since I've kind of been in his corner last weeks, you know, to on this podcast. I think I'm just like I got to see more from him that offense. Even though he's getting a lot of targets not doing anything with it, you see Stockholm syndrome. Yeah. Suited to their see darnold has been hitter mass where how you feel about curse. I don't. I think I I liked the opportunity. I I think it's clear he's not up to being number one receiver. I think he doesn't have what it takes an Elsa. Just darnold in the jets the offense as a whole has declined in. It's hard to expect him of things Robbie Anderson might come back, but it's also hard to expect speed guys. Coming back from an ankle injury. That might be hobbled it's different than other positions. When you're eighty seventy percent, even so I want him to be good..

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