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I think that that defines it right there so Canadian Canadian. I'm sorry I'm sorry. I get my second favorite. Caught out was Breezy over doom. Trying to fight of getting a rematch of Alastair vring amber dooms. English was a little you know. He's still working on it so he kept calling over in he goes. You're too much cock too much coach. So then we explained to the radio show which. I think you meant cocky. The difference between Cocky Cock and was like Oh my God Lauren. What what's been the best. Call out that you've heard directed at you. Gosh I don't know if anybody's has never called me out directly I don't think so If they did maybe just like on twitter. I can't really remember. Do you guys know of anybody? Ever calling the out How's Egghead Now? That you bring it up. I A message sent to me for you. From Roxanne modify. She was on our show a couple episodes ago and we asked her. What are what are three fights? She is most looking forward to in two thousand twenty three female fights. I when she said. Where's her teammate? Joe Joe Fighting Valentina and the second one she said is me versus Lauren Murphy. That was sacrificed. She's excited for her. She has sent me this. I ask Lauren. That Roxanne wants to know when we're fighting. I want to know went to stop eating quote excessive Mexican food just keeping Iraq. Zanu good girl. No actually so you're talking about if I ever called out anybody in. I called out Roxanne after my last fight but Dana hit told us. Don't swear you're on. Espn don't swear. And I have a real big potty mouth why can't will more than like five seconds dropping f-bomb or something and so I wanted to say Roxana. I'm GONNA fight your fucking ass but I couldn't like I had to pause it. Got kind of jumbled in there and I was kind of messed up. Because you're on camera. I just got punched in the head. A bunch of times and then I couldn't swear and so it kind of messed up my flow little bit but Yeah Roxanne I don't know it's a good question. July International Fight League Vegas. Oh I don't think they're doing international fight week but We can find Vegas July. I began a even. The end of June is fine with me. But you have a Roxanne question asked answer given July Rox modifier Lauren. Murphy I love but yeah those and give it third fight. She's like those are the only two fights matter to me for the rest of the my teammate. For the belt and then finding Lauren Murphy did say every time someone could someone she thought she was. GonNa fight you instead of macy barber. But then she macy Barbara instead so it seems like every time she thinks she's GonNa fight. You never works out. She says yeah we were. I think there was a verbal agreement for us to fight previously. Because I thought I was GonNa Fight Roxanne previously and then you have got together in. They're like no. We're not gonNA have you guys fight. We want we want you to fight may see in Andrea and so that's how that worked out and then we both on those fights so it seems to make sense that We would fight each other next. Plus I think she's ranked number five in. I'm ranked number six spring Olympic center ranked right next to each other. I'm trying to break into the top five so And you know it's like if you look at the other girls in the top five right now. I think Roxanne just makes the most sense because Jessica is coming off a huge wait miss Vivants coming off a loss. I've already fought Caitlyn. She Kagan that was at bantamweight. So what we will. We will have another fight at flyweight. I would imagine And then I think Jennifer is coming off a big wave missed too and so I think that's the other four women in the top four so I don't I don't WanNa fight somebody that missed weight especially by how much those girls have it by that this to me that. It's not is so unprofessional. And it just makes it so likely that it would happen in our match that I'm not really interested in inviting those girls if they can't make wait so Roxanne's kind of only one that makes sense right now. While I think your words Echo what Roxanne was saying too because I think every fighters whose law since coming back to the UFC has missed weight. Ever likes Adjara Jennifer my and then everyone that she's fought that's made way she's want so she's like sheep you make way down and fight everyone. I was at her fight against macy when macy was weighing in Roxana a whole team standing with the media watching. And then if you go back and watch that video one macy makes way you hear a huge like pop in the background was all rock sandstone. They're all cheering barber midway. Yeah Yeah it's it's a huge deal. I think missing weight is cheating. You know and it's it's like if you can't make the weight than don't agree to the fight in especially women that have you know ten or twelve weeks to get ready. You have plenty of time to get down to a reasonable weight by it might suck and you might have to put in a lot of work and you might have to be hungry a little bit during your camp. But that's the way that you have signed we. You signed a contract to make that weight. It's like our two jobs. You make wait is the first thing and then show up and fight is the second thing and making wait is like the first step to that so it really drives me crazy when people miss wait. It drives me nuts because I know how much I suffered to make way like. I really really have to watch what I eat out. I Diet really hard I have I hired a nutritionist to help me through camp. So I'm paying money to make weight and then these other girls will just miss by like six pounds or seven pounds in. It's a huge advantage for them. It's cheating and here. I am literally paying a guy to help me make wait. You know so it just it. It drives me nuts to know that There's not a bigger penalty for missing weight. Is there a is there? An amount of weight missed that you would definitely say. I'm not fighting. This person like two pounds over three pounds over five pounds over Does depends who it is he. I would just depend on stituation Like when we fought to Jara because she had missed weight she missed weight for every fight she had except for me but it just it just would really depend like with somebody likes ajar. It was like okay if she misses. Wait by one pound then fucker like I don't. She doesn't deserve to fight. You know what I mean. That was kind of how we reviewing it and that she made wait so it was fine. We're able to proceed with the fight but it just depends like if are chronic. Wait Mr Depends on another. Last performance depends on where the ranks Like what the what the like the consequences of the fight might be Fight where like maybe a contender ship position is on the really big deal you know was also like in Las Vegas. There's like a five pound weight limit. Miss Right Casey. That's what happened with the guy. Gedalya daily Grasso missed way in cloudy accepted it but then Las Vegas because she had missed weighed by too much. Yeah some of the commissions will do that and then sometimes to just make it into a catch weight so that the other fighter doesn't have to make weight but it doesn't really matter because if you have somebody that you guys you're that that's a lawnmower in the front is that okay If somebody gets to carry around a lot of weight their entire camp it makes a big difference. You know you're all fueled up all your cardio sessions you're all fueled up all your sparring sessions. You get to exercise having that much more power like it really when you're carrying five six seven extra pounds through your whole camp that your opponent doesn't have the luxury of carrying it makes a big difference in the fight to since you meant so. I have to ask you because we're not the people to answer this question When Jessica I missed waiver reasons why I think by a significant amount like five pounds or something zinc sixty six She said it was because of her lady issues Is that an excuse or is that no if you Prepare for a weight cut. That means that you're GONNA be well hydrated right so when you prepare for away cut. It's a lot of water loading in dieting. And then the last week leading up to the weight cut. There's a lot of little tricks that fighters do like. Maybe they'll take carves out of their diet or fiber Obviously we dehydrate ourselves. But if you have the water in you it will come out by if you work you will sweat in that will come out your period doesn't magically make you stop sweating. It's not like that especially not. You don't have six pounds of period in you like ridiculous but I think that that is a excuse that women often used when they miss weight and I get that like you might be a little more bloated Like when you're pm or something but To me I've made wait before while menstruating in it. It's like if you work. You will sweat if you sweat. Then you will lose weight period period. Get it period funny. Oh my gosh well well said because like you said we've heard we've heard that we've heard that brought up a lot when one fighters miss wait so Kinda go okay. Like what am I gonNA? I don't saying I'm glad you. Can you imagine if you try to comment on that? Casey tweeted something about it. You'd be done all the men in you know. Mma is mostly men all the men are like they can't say anything about it you know so women have. Kinda they use it. I think they use it as an excuse to not make quit. Sometimes when really the problem probably started for them weeks before you know if you have to fight at one twenty five and you weigh one fifty three weeks out from your fight. You're not gonNA make wait period. You know so period comedy gold. What is are not exact question by question on auto boxing When she was GonNa Fight Lawn. And that's how we got there from sportsweek. Mma Lawrence said that she came across. Emma made by chance when taking her son to a Ju Jitsu class what does she think should be doing now if it weren't for that also as she ever spoken. Eddie Alvarez since tough Well if I hadn't found MMA you know I don't know.

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