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Like no thank you. Maybe after she found out her mama's gonna live again. I guess you're right. I was being as banharn like selling back. People whether on their oss little bit. You know you wouldn't be here if you weren't such more on. I'm not sure that helps them heal you. Don't want to steve. yeah. You don't do that but i've wanted. I mean of yelled at other cars like you don't do that. That's my idea of a great sunday afternoon. I may not have done it in real reality. But i've done it in my head a lot. What do you do during the weekends right. Go to the hospital and yell at people or make fun of ugly babies in front of their parents. It's great has so for their for their part. Real real hotter rep jones. Who that's that's his name firs goes jones says quote. Real water is asking that all retailers pulled the product from the shelf effective immediately and hold it in the back rooms or return it to the distributors. Customer who has purchased real water from a retailer is asked to return the product. The end not not commenting on all at all on the people. It's hurt just put it in the background. That'd be fun. don't feed it after midnight. Gosh alkaline water may claim to cure cancer but definitely does give you all the symptoms of hepatitis. At least the top of their web does have a nice big red press release real water product. Recall on it. Oh yeah they host that up real bad. There's a bunch of these two. There's so many places when people to sell alcan is or machines that purport to do it in your home. And how much of the they're really affordable right. Like 'cause if you have a company like this you wanna make sure everyone lives longer so you charge very little except for real water. That's fifteen dollars. Yeah right you can get two eight ounce bottles from their website for thirty bucks. Even if you're peddling snake oil shale you don't wanna kill your customers that makes you a bad virus live so they can keep getting more alive. Yeah it's a. it's a horribly corrupt symbiotic. Relationship is instead of charging for the water. You just have to write me into your will. And i'll give you as much water as you want for as long as you need it. I call the baptist approach. I think if you return a case of tainted real water you should get a jade egg just you can also use it as art. Rose so to summarize. Simple bottle of alkaline. Water will not alkaline. Is your body. Even if it could their effects would be anything but healthy desirable. Best case you get sick worse case you wind up on a liver transplant. Lists like the five kids. I just mentioned and maybe die also just say no to water will say no to all who. Let's just put their lives out of detroit than our flint unless you live in flint in which case might not be the worst alternative to tap water a picture poison moment but instead the people from flint need to go get jaden smith's water because he's actually been handing out water for flint for years without saying anything about it strangely enough awesome. Yeah go him. Well congratulations steve. I hope that. What did your appetite for water. Puns in an upcoming quiz. I'm erin and i'd like to thank all of our listeners. Our supporters and mike. Oh ho steven thanks guys. We will get you. Yeah maybe i. I can't promise sorry love you. Though on this week. I learned that if you can bottle it someone will buy it. It's not necessarily a good thing to know not the takeaway you should want ever aboard final. Where about the show. Social links and contact information interesting to dot com music for the episode was created by wayne jones and was used with permission the opinions views nonsense expressed in the show or those of the hosts only denier ever send any other people organizations or life forums. All rights reserved interesting through twenty twenty..

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