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They still haven't caught him police in central California still searching for the person who opened fire killing a local police officer during a traffic stop in new men about one hundred miles southeast of San Francisco. CBS news correspondent Maria reality reports a memorial is in the works. The county has set up a memorial fund in honor of corporal sing. And tonight. The community will gather together here in downtown Newman for a vigil again in his honor as well w w j news time nine thirty two as we approach new. New Year's Eve at is extra reminder to lock your doors in Ferndale. WWE Jay's Sandra McNeill live and local with a story, Sandra. I'm sergeant Barron. Brown says it started about ten years ago as a number of bars and nightclubs in Ferndale began to explode. Now, he says about two to four times a year a resident will call nine one one to report a stranger in their home a person so drunk. He doesn't realize it doesn't belong there. We'll get a call from a resident and they vary from being completely freaked out and terrified to giggling and being. You know, you'd think they'd be afraid. But there they think it's hilarious because someone has walked into their house and fallen asleep on the couch thinking that they're at a different house or a friend's house around says technically, it is a nice demeanor. But officers will usually let the homeowner decide whether or not to press charges. He says this is an issue and other popular nightspots to like, Royal Oak. Reporting live, Sandra McNeill, WW, Jane is radio nine fifty White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on CBS this morning. Sarah Sanders, says President Trump wants to make a deal with the Democrats on the Mexico border. But right now, not much is happening between the two sides very sad day when we can't get Democrats even show up for work and sit down with us and have these conversations and try to help make real solutions and get something done. And that's exactly what we're seeing take place over the last twenty four and forty eight hour. Meantime, president is threatening to shut down the US border with Mexico. If Democrats in congress don't agree to fund, the construction of a border wall. W w j news time nine thirty three. The oldest man in America has died. World War Two veteran. Richard Overton of Austin, Texas has one hundred and twelve years old Kyi ETV reporter while to mecca Gorski has more at a birthday party. He shared with us his secret to longevity. I use dre alone down. I always drank a.

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