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His name is David Mendez, he's Canada Scott podcast called Papa PhD. It is a BI lingual podcast half English half French, and we talk about That, and whether he should do an English or French if he's to versions and how it's working out and where his geographic of people listening to the show. So we'll cut to that now and and then we'll be back with some support stuff after the interview. Everyone I want to welcome David Mendez from Papa PhD podcast insider David Welcome to the show. Thank you for having me years. It's really a pleasure to be talking with you. I've been listening to you on the different platforms Iran and the squawk exciting to be here. Well, thank you for being on and I'm excited to talk to you about your show and Papa PhD. Well, I, guess first of all, let's you've got a unique situation. We'll get into that a little bit later but why don't you give everyone just quick introduction of your background and? Where you're shows based out of and in that information. Okay So I'm based in Montreal Quebec Canada. And the show. The name puppies St I came out of a a need of. Or mission that I had that I had given to myself, which was to start a bilingual podcast and I think we're GonNa talk about that later But I wanted to find a name that was readable in the straight understandable in. English. And French and Papa is a word that works in both languages impeach is understandable university so I went through Papa PhD I'm a dad you know I, have a beach in cell biology although I am not in in science anymore at this time. But the the reason why peachy is important is that on this podcast I talked to people with PG's who are you know who have careers? That that have diverged from science. So they can be academics who also do other things can be lucky interdisciplinary things to do with art or something or like people who are completely completely left academia. So to say and started either their company or you know being. Scientific designers or scientific illustrators or you know medical writers, etc. Etc. and the idea is to showcase due to graduate students out there what possibilities there are after their degree because you know it's numbers have been coming out and at best. Only twenty percent of people starting a PhD end up working in academia later on and. What what happens is that by at the end of of a PhD, a, lot of people are pretty anxious about what am I going to do after after this? Did I lose my time doing a PhD spending three depending on the country's three, four, five, six, seven years of my life and so that that's that's why PhD. And and that's it. I. Mean Montreal. So I'm doing a podcast that has interviews in English and in French. You know It's it's an interesting topic because it's true I I've used.

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