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Thank you Own notes aiming so. It's from Kirsten. And she's from Indiana and she said. My boyfriend of two years just proposed last weekend and the wedding planning has begun begun. This may be far out but I wondered if you could put in a word for me to have bobby play at my reception my four year old and I listen every day. Okay and it would make his day just as it would be icing on the cake for my special day Pong. Imagine if I played at their wedding like what the people who had no idea what the show was I would think she said August twenty twenty. Listen No I'm not congratulations on your wedding by the way. I'M NOT GONNA play a wedding because people that would be like what's happening here. Why is this guy doing dopey funny songs for the wedding? I have to go to the wedding November. I don't have to go but I've never been a destination wedding and often feel the very selfish sure because I got to take a day off work and then pay money to go to a wedding your mind but fun okay but I never been so. You're probably right. I've learned a lot of things in my life over the past ten ten years that most of the things. I've been arguing about wrong. The only thing that I've been right about all my life is home. Alone is not a Christian movie other than that. I've been wrong many things who's going to that. Our friend Mike Destination Sweating. I'm going you're going. Amy Wow I told Eddie. He needed to go because he met his wife at a raging idiot concert band and I I can play. We would actually play that reception but we'd play a funny song like somewhere somewhere during the ceremony. I mean maybe we'd married him through song. See Him I'm warning y'all to do something like that. I mean that could be cool but yeah I don't know you were going to Mexico to ex-girlfriend text ex- me and was like. Hey I got an invite to this wedding. Oh and Alba's like yeah and she was like should I go. Who Good Question Luce ex girlfriend Lindsay? Okay wait to the wedding. You're talking about right now. Yeah F- her. No no no. No no never know what I'm not allowed to go. I think he's still fun if she went. 'cause bobby's already reserved for plus somebody else. I mean I'm acting being like I'm confidently going. I have to we have my husband and I still have to figure out with the kids but now it's like okay I i. I'm just putting it out there that I mean yes ongoing going. So and then if Bobby's going makes it easier because we figure out the whole work thing was bobby fun okay Wow what are you gonNA do. Well a first of all first of all I Rueda him. Invite her no no Because he's putting bobby an awkward spot. He's closer to bobby than he is with her. And you gotTA say Bros.. Before this is okay here. This is ullmark text message from her. She was going to Mike's Wedding and I say yeah she said I don't know if I should go or not and I'm talk about me or because it's in Mexico. I never been to a crazy way like that and I said to her. Do you feel like you're super close to them. Don't feel pressure to go. That's good because because even Eddie close to them. He's probably not going to go in that. You would like yeah. And they've been to a few shows and they sent me an invite. I just don't know then. I didn't respond because because again I don't have anybody right now that I'm going to take but you're out there with and again it's a longtime who knows it is kind of weird though It's weird situation. Oh are you worried that you're going to be out there and it's paradise and you may sparks marksman fly again. No I mean it'd be awkward for somebody if like I'm there with someone or she's there with someone I'm not that's you and I. I like the way you put it like you. You let her down gently like don't feel pressure to go. You didn't come out and say no don't go but really the meaning of that text was look. I think it's probably a better. You stay back it really. Is it really. I think there was probably a touch of that but mostly it was like. Don't feel pressure bad. Eddie's close to of an Eddie minor techs. Yo Dude what are you thinking Because again they're closed and their own unless you are still really cool. I'll text them for you. I was a bad thing etiquette. Groom so that's the rule if you invite one accu cam the other yes absolutely. You've got to pick which one you want. You can do this well. That's that's the benefit is that Lindsey super cool whatever is happening like Lindsay's cool. She's coolest he's is. It actually does go. It'll be good drama. And she goes and she has a dude and I'm there by myself just like exactly you know pull them. There's nothing happening. You can throw spit. 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SPA offer endless endless relaxation. While guests find thrills at bomber casino an array of high energy nightspots and at the royal blue the most acclaimed new Gulf wars in the Caribbean just a short flight from the US. Fifty minute drive. In the airport Baja Mar is an easy getaway. Any time of the year to book your next vacation at one of the resorts three ECOMOG hotels and to explore winter specials including up to thirty five percent savings on your stay yes. Thirty five percent visit Baja Mar dot com. That's Baja Mar dot com B. A. H. A. M. A. R. dot com it. Well it says that you know how you drive on. Empty with the gaslight on it is worse for your car because like little stuff. That's messed in the fuel tank and get stuck in the filter alter and so you need to keep it gassed up because you can do with severe damage to your car. I've I've read on empty all the time he hadn't thought about crazy I don't run empty because I'm scared I'm going to guess mostly and I'm Jay. I'm pretty conservative and everything that I do that way time gas. I just bright. Here's what I envisioned. I'm on the interstate. And there's an accident and everybody's just sitting there and I'm about to run out of gas and then I run out of gas on the interstate and there's nothing for me to do. You can't get anywhere. Wow I'm not that forward thinking oh I'll dream about that stuff. My husband fills up at half a tank. Like if it's half a tank it's empty and I'm like and then so when he gets in my car and he sees that I'm happy to hang he's like you haven't filled up. I'm like no. Does he get an at times. Yeah he's mostly the one that fills up my car. Actually he'll get like that's something there's been months over. I don't even go to the guest. It's pretty Christmas. Yeah because he knows whether kids. Yeah somehow somehow somewhere in the week or so. He'll end up driving my car at some point and if he does it just gets filled up well beautiful. There's also the thing were you know. Sometimes you just can't can't afford gas in your car can you. Maybe you can keep it at that point because like I said it's bad for your car. There's a lot of little things in their house sediment and stuff gets through it and Mess it up and then boom you get towed gotta get repaired talking thousands of bucks folks. I saw this story about these. Two students hacked their school to get out of taking tests. We think about that. I mean funny but bad to fourteen year olds fourteen in New Jersey tax. Their school's Wi fight network so they could get out of taking test at work until the school trace things back to them and they were both arrested for criminal computer activity. Wow so they figured out a way to hack into the school's Wifi router and shut down the Internet since their tests on computers Internet was needed. No wife I make no test say no no Wi fi. Sorry hey listen they did some. That's smart and they beat the system for a while it's a legal need to do is start using their smarts for good This is what I read this story by the way they were both arrested charged with criminal computer activity and conspiracy to commit criminal computer activists Juvie. Well I don't know what's going to happen. This is what I I would do is I would say. Hey because I think there's a lot you can learn from people that are doing things in a different way and then even in a legal way like you go. Hey okay well instead of putting the kid big house us like teachers did their shorts. Exactly how you did this so we can learn how to actually build against things like this. You'RE STILL GONNA get in trouble. You'll get a free pass for sharing but it's not gonna be as harsh right. You know most times to like to find bad guys you have to go and talk to other bad guys and get them to so credible nobody know what can yeah. I haven't seen in a long time. But yes Leonardo di Caprio he's in jail and they take him out in the FBI or whatever hires them well one. Yes yes at the end. That's what happens. Sometimes they take that mob guys they have to go to other mob guys. It'd be like tell me what happened. And then the gophers you're blaming a mob guys light his whole life but you have to go to bed people and get them to rat another bad people even though they may not be the most credible so you go these hackers and be like. TCU Hack this fix it for us and you still get in trouble community service them. Yeah that-that's pretty as a parent party would be like impressed by your kid. But then they really need to be in trouble bowl. Show Cynthia in Alabama. What's happening you're GONNA get in touch quit drying for a month now come on at the It's not that hard. How you're a popular me? Come on Whoa wait. You've been calling not getting through for months eighty three. I'm sorry I'm glad you got through the good to talk to you. 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