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Have you ever seen the movie it's a wonderful life maybe maybe assad on tv around christmas time i'm talking about the original version nineteen fortysix starring jimmy stewart as this troubled family man george bailey wishes he'd never been born this angel played by henry travers comes to earth changes mind you know that's pretty much the quick a summary i can give you of it's a wonderful life but when you think about it's a wonderful life for most people what comes to mind first is jimmy stewart but there was this other kind of scene stealer in that movie if you've seen the film you'll remember if not it's the i'll say this she quickly gets the attention of george bailey good good act act y k you look good some pressure got on bill pryor anywhere it when i don't care that's violet bicc the flirtatious fame fatalities said from it's a wonderful life it was breakout role for the actor gloria graham who rose to fame as this hollywood star back in the 1950s she went on to star as again that kind of fame fatale character in a bunch of film new are she won an oscar she started in the film version of the big hit musical oklahoma but as most of us hopefully do she got older but in hollywood that's that's a hard thing to do her industry lost interest in her career the roles dried up she was sort of cast aside but like with anyone that that's not the end her story.

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