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Tampa Bay joins us to talk about the bucks. Hiring of Bruce Arians. Let's talk style. I because I'm sort of fascinated by the idea that anywhere you might be. It'd be pretty excited to have a guy like areas come in with a high flying super powered offensive approach. Unless of course, you have a quarterback that tends to make terrible decisions. And then he might be terrified. Where do you think fans are sitting on this combination of areas in Winston? The swag is back. I guess you know, it it is kind of a dangerous combination. But look Bruce Arians. There's no James Winston since he was in middle school went goes camps and Birmingham. You know? And and I think that you know, I think he'll be good for him because he coaches quarterbacks tough. He has some salty language. I think James says responded to that in the past. And look that's going to be the task. I mean, he's the quarterback whisperer. He wrote a book by that title. That's that's what he's here to do. And you know, we'll see if they can get the defense turned around with Todd Bowles because that's going to be frankly, a bigger project. I mean, they had a very successful under cutter, but it is going to be eliminating the turnovers and just you know, trying to get this team to win and win quickly. 'cause Jamison his fifth year. He's playing under the one year option, and they need to find out if they can push this thing forward, you know, rake that point you just made was where I was going to ask you about I which is. When you hire a Sixty-six-year-old head coach. And you've got a quarterback who is essentially playing for as long jetty is the message from the box that we are preparing to compete this season. I think they have to feel I mean, you know, bruising, buying green bananas these days. Right. I mean, it's like, you know, you're going to have to hit it fast. And I think that's why he's here. You know, Jason light has has a history would be a obviously one of was good friends. And Steve kind of. I mean, there's this is this is sort of something you could foresee even a couple of weeks months ago. It be- would come out of retirement. It would be for challenge like this. I mean, again, you know, what he's done with Ben Rothlisberger with pay manning and into luck. And Carson Palmer that carries. A lot of weight to a guy like Jameis Winston who needs. A new voice Dirk cutter had been here as offense coordinator and then three years as head coach. So this is a final chance the best chance to James will have under Bruce Arians and. And I think that yeah. It's it's win. Now. It's it's the proverbial all hands on deck kinda messy not I don't want happens. If this fails because you're gonna have a sixty seven year old coach and and to start over. But that's that's the plan for now. Some argue that when Aryans was receivers coach and then offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh. He got too close to Ben Rothlisberger. And and maybe didn't have the kind of tough love accountability required. Do you worry at all about Winston not being Xs and os might be fine. He can he can keep making decisions. But immaturity leadership staying out of trouble off the field. That Aaron's is a guy who will create enough accountability for him. I don't know a great point. I I really don't, you know, the off-field thing is is a different issue. And it's one of the bucks took on when they when they drafted him. And it came in on the rear end last year. I mean, the guy was suspended three game. For something. He did after his rookie season. Now, he'll tell you that. He's changed his life. You know, that you know, he's he's married now has as a child and all those things but time will tell and he doesn't have much time to prove it. He's got to do that. And do it right away. As far as Bruce goes. I mean, I think Bruce will hold them accountable on the field off the field. I'm not so sure about that with Bruce. But you know, he's gonna you know, that's it's never been a problem with Jameson terms of working, you know, he loves football. He's a gym rat. He's going to be there early. He's gonna do his, you know, try to try to improve his craft..

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