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Navigate through. The other major story that would do tracking this morning is by what is it? Drove the obsolete as those confusion or spiral in Ozzie Ozzie hitting a ten year low in your own country, all the yen getting obstinately pasted. And then you've got Turkish lira against the there's a huge amount of angst in these markets. Do you think it's thin markets? Do you think it's our goes? What is this? What does this huge moving yen? She just to you. Are we making too much of it? We're running nam live. We're heading it everywhere in the most read stories. What does it mean to you Martin? Make too much of it is what it is. But what is interesting different? This period is through tried number one. Number two. We've been seeing the AUSSIE dollar declining the last number of weeks. It was not that long ago. It's seventy four US since onto the seventy seven Mark. So that it makes for interesting observations, given the US tone, of course, has been mixed up. We're not quite sure really where the the movie became the yen has come from. And whether in fact that is an album was somebody with a fat finger, but the. You've got to be watching what's happening on the he saw it. This might be also part of the course that we've been sitting in regards to shift acids and focus we still remind me positive about the outlook for Japan through these year. But the strength of the currency. Recently would be surprising to us giving away. We say global growth our role holding up pretty well. Melamine should hold up. And the AUSSIE dollar's hold on. Okay. So would you be by the AUSSIE dollar at these levels talking to a ten year low breaking seventy just just just quickly before we move on. With would you buy would you?.

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