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To compete with the gathering down in Southern California That happened last Saturday. We're about 150. People were arrested after getting a supposed invite on the popular app Tic tac. It's partly why there's a lot of Seattle police officers here on bikes and in cars checking on the beach, Thea other part is to why they're here. One squad car cannot control that. As the sun started to set, the car started coming out large rims and loud music. It's something bass walled in Says she and her neighbors prepare for every summer. Many of us can relate to cruising Al Qaeda over the years passed, but now with social media and he's invites for possible record breaking crowds. It got so busy and with your breasts and the break up of those fights Seattle police shut down the area at about 9 30 last night. They plan to be out patrols again today and tonight for people and King County Jail this morning, various charges after protest in downtown Seattle. Here's Michelle Esteban it SPD bike officers say they tried to arrest someone accused of assault at fifth and James when three protesters interfered. All three were eventually arrested. They're now being held in investigation of obstruction and resisting arrest, and a short time later off fourth person. A man was arrested. Police say he was carrying seven inch fixed blade knife, A blade that long is illegal in the city of Seattle and update to a story from early Saturday here, a co Moh news a man now in custody and under investigation of DY following The head on hit and run crash. This crash happened Friday night just before 10 o'clock on the East, Marginal way South and Diagonal Avenue, witnesses reported. Seeing the causing driver go over the median. And in tow, oncoming traffic and hitting a vehicle after say he then rammed into another car. Firefighters pulled a man from that wrecked Mazda. Now he's in the hospital with serious injuries. Traffic and weather for you every 10 minutes on the fours. Even here early Sunday, Let's get an update now from Curtis Calhoun at the Dupe in Law Group Traffic Center. In your stalls or collisions getting in your way after a couple of earlier blocking issues. Earlier crash was found 5, 18 and Highway 99 is being clear long with an earlier crash north Seattle at the intersection of Arroyo and 95th Street. Looks like some earlier road work over the weekend north, down five and Foreign Lane and Lakewood is wrapped up both directions of four or five, looking good so far through rent in Bellevue and volatile hurdles cow, whom coma traffic Plenty of sunshine around Western Washington again Today temperatures they're gonna top out in the mid seventies. Just a few clouds passing.

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