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The way was the wrigley field yesterday or the day before and you know how they have that parkit wrigley the hill ice rink there yeah the the park at wrigley as the size of this studio the ice rink there it's really small but it's enough to skate around yeah it has his embassy oh it dies eliza yuccas is over there that annex everybody off and i thought what the lifeguards are going to have a snack would why are we having you 10minute break an ice rink and then earn here comes in them polony all they gotta do this roll around that the thing turn it on turn it off later could to go you're saves but the example needed down which was nice who is going to play in this winter classic i know it's you and it's me apple bala metabolic which is really we were set to go for a january early february day the matt could go as kids had an athletic thing so sounds afraid to me that there's any sounds like he's afraid well he knows that i got game and you beat biedny every time you guys definitely have game fell my thank you matt is if you're talking about table tennis you know yeah i know a bad is fearful by nature yes my son beats me regular i'll does he air at the other one i can beat the other one i can't so i just think we have a nice mix here yeah it will be competitive how long have you guys can claim professional only our since birth for me i played in the war i did not in a small table set up and win the which you know we had one in the basement as a kid growing up was not fun and it was and yo you couldn't the space in which was located was almost the with the table here rush may be six inches so you're always claim your hair again than cited the base milwall this won't be a problem outside no we had a lot as a space we do have a lot of space it'll be snow and ice packed you were so nice years and years ago chicago did a thing where they had ping pong tables out on the streets and they asked you to put together a tournament a chicago celebrities tournament in at the.

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