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Hey Emily Greg first off happy New Year we have not done one twenty twenty since the end of last decade. I don't know about you but I know mark time based on all of the years before I saw here McGuire eat a corn dog and all all of the years that will come after that moment. have no comment. It was so disgusting. Why did happen? I don't know man I I didn't. I didn't get the corn dog for that explicit reason because it was like the size of the stick so to speak The winter classic was a ton a ton of fun. It was great seeing a lot of you out there. Eighty five thousand people in the building for it. That's all said and done. We have much more important things to talk about involving the Nashville predators. Once again we thank the good people in the NHL the general managers who generally manage these teams getting topics to talk about. We do our silly podcast. Cast the firing of Peter Lobby. Let the hiring of John Heinz will break it down for you on this edition of. ESPN is awesome to show proper shelley. The ice to your ear buds a podcast about hockey featuring things to do with hockey from your friends at ESPN ESPN on ice with Shitski and Kaplan it's ESPN and ice the PODCAST ESPN talks. About hockey. I'm Greg Senior. NHL Writer I'm Emily Kaplan National Nhl reporter and so we begin with eighteen that currently stands nineteen fifteen and seven for forty five point. They sit seven points at a third place in the central four points out of the last wildcard all cards spot in the western conference or thereabouts. They've got a few games in hand on the teams they're chasing. They're one of the best five on five teams in hockey. Both puck possession and scoring a team with a positive goal differential. You don't often see that for teams outside the playoff bubble and yet their coach Peter Alavi let feels the cold steel of the axe falling. He has.

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