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While more bodies dg envi angel ye shall meet a guy we ought to breakfast one wiping ready to things on down and builds up what he do it instantly you know you just be drive and he'd be like that would have starbucks came from yes i just turned around and the whole powell 105 wants to leo here in new york has gone this gone not only is gone they moved to ryan crest is pride who is right across the rise requests y knack private studio have you been yes i have big out windows as all flush i so it is that if it was not a good view though could no you do see that another hotel not done in new york got a window in the you're going to theo when you turn around you see another brick wall or would you prefer to see the hotel of this wall this wall right in iran busy too so nice it into some w we can look in pidgin to fly run window and look you degnon i and wonder what you do on his arrival against the front page news now in thursday night foot which is tonight new orleans played atlanta falcons now let's talk about these fis and kelly yeah let's offer now los angeles has been threatened as he's laugh highest are spreading an invalid aaron salmon alex tens of thousands at an attack hallett california residents uh they've already fled and more than eighty three thousand acres in so many businesses in homes have already been made do down to ashes sal i'm sure you guys have been cnet on the news it looks crazy even an easy the edge driving on the freeway you can see all of that happening also listing that these wildfires will get worse before they get any better just because of the conditions in california is a a very dry right now strong volatile wins and the terrain is very difficult for firefighters to go through so all of that right now and is not prime time for california to have to deal with this sunday firefighters who are then actually going to put the blades shrine but i i mean i'm i'm china digits trying to contain today with china flat plain watering handing out on a ladder on it yeah we'll call them just let people dawn cigarettes like go sparks i'm wanna walk any little thing goes like you said signalling aimad really quickly spread fast lane so orion it's eso giants wendy's they saying this hurricane like wins so is just out of control bringing back mocha to bear campaign would be pointless yeah i don't know at this point yet an la now the as the going to be the largest us city with legal recreational marijuana as though he just decided this they voted yesterday and again a license sales next years after all these debates they finally approve rules that will make sure that commercial sales and cultivation laws are going to begin in less than a month under an initiative that was approved so residential neighborhoods will be off limits to those businesses and so would uh areas around schools libraries in parks vets now people can recreational he have marijuana its legal and los angeles of all of weed in the world naga make me forget about the danforth vice okay all right what else you dogma that's it well now in the house of representatives has also passed a bill yesterday loosening gun restrictions and now you got your gun licence recently right yup in 35 states so right now you actually if you have a permit you can carry concealed weapons and legally travel with those firearms to other states he avenue i mean aghil ethnic tzeltal outta did that regardless you've got a flat under the play but you just came so does that mean i could take my firearm to new york city in in travel joint i gotta travelled out of jersey i guess so it is saying is kind of like having a marriage and an eu or a driver's license no it listen it's like having a set of america's ice into driver's licenses valid in other states so now you have a licensed to carry concealed weapon you can bring that firearm with you to other states a giant noah agerelated new nerves rush net new york mielke guarantee three is new now and in particular they talked about a woman from pennsylvania no criminal record she had a concealed carry permit for her pistol and they didn't recognize that when she travel to new jersey and she was later on clinton's yes it is saying that they shot the make sure that never happens again so now you can just carry concealed weapon a macomer locally alarming chauque of that's over settler out note all right

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