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Just wait. There will be a little bit. Something to read here. I went to the Mola change today in this guy asked me about the weather and then went deep into conspiracy theory. Yeah. Like in. I'll he's you know, we we started just like it wasn't. Hey, man. You know, good thing any reason that you. Yeah. Yesterday was yesterday was real real blue and sunny issue was he's like, but you notice today how is not. This is Texas January. Oh, man that you actually look at the weather. The you have a weather app. Do did you did you look at it yesterday? And I said, no, I didn't pay attention like you, apparently because you deep with that just tell me. Yeah. But he was talking about. Cuisine. What it is just? Oh, kill me. Not all. As a car behind me waiting. You can't go yet. Wake you up. Yes. Shit. She won't be Malcolm X -cause like a more. The blue. Yeah. Whatever said morpheus Mobis. That move the puck out the way, let me go. No he's talking about yesterday. You looked day was supposed to be sunny too. But you look up is gray out here. And I'm like, yeah. Okay. That's again, Texas weather. He's like. Oh, man on all they put all kind of. All you taking your money to ruining your health, man. Did you notice how the government and I'm serious? I'm not making this shit up. You notice how we in a government shutdown right now. Yes. Liam, no, please. Tell me. What? What are you going? Like, if you notice you newest jetzt going, by and streams still up down Kim trail, right? Unlike the Chem trails, and he's he's actually man. Say. In my car drive off. And he just like he really like me, and I'm just gonna call. Yes. What are we going? Hold on. What about? What about your job auto work? Car. Woke up new roommate was talking about how the weather changes all of a sudden because of the chemicals and shouldn't up in the air because as jets going by the government really shutdown say it's all conspiracy. This is this the one time I must say this. And I really mean, no disrespect you change oil. He worked. You. Here gave me my receipt. And if you know what? That book and make sure he has a captive audience. Like, you ain't leaving place into you, get an education. It's got your vehicle. Yeah. He gave up another. Until you to let you. That. Change oil hill..

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