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The right arab word for peace it turns out there are three arab words the translate to peace only one of them is for real that's the word shool which is peaceful living together and that's not the one they use it a go she ations salaam is the peace of submission there is peace salaam among muslims were they submit to a law in the teaching of the koran in other words salama's nazi absence of violence like it means to us but it's the absence of disobedience just like it was for the communist by the way in lenin's words as long as capitalism in soviet socialism eggs just we cannot live in peace in the end one or the other will triumph a funeral dirge will be song over the soviet republic or of a world capitalism and quote pay and compare lenin's ideas to those of the koran peron says fight and slay the unbelievers wherever you find them seize them confine them lie in wait for them in every place of ambush anwar sadat in signing the camp david accords years ago insisted on the word so lum not shool in the arabic version of the document thus egypt could abandon the agreement here's one thing the arabs respect it's the strong horse the man who won't be fooled were intimidated the man you don't want to mess with and trump is a strong horse athena when when they see one every american and western politician and diplomat for almost seventy years has been spinning their wheels seeking peace in the mideast not trump no bs for him that's why he really is the guy who could bring peace to the middle east and that's a great christmas present for the world and those are my comments this is colonel denny gillem you're listening to frontlines of freedom now we get to enjoy some warrant wisdom was chief warrant officer role ask me what do you have to.

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