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Sooner or later you're going to buy another car. That's why there's inside automotive dot com where you'll find the best dealers in Dallas Fort Worth on the purchase page. Included are their email addresses, phone numbers, cars and reviews. The only way to get your next new vehicle. Is it inside automotive dot com. Wheels with Ed Wallace will continue in just a moment. I'm Daryn Lancaster dealer principle of classic Buick GMC in Arlington. And when I say we're a family owned dealership, I mean it. There are Lancaster's all over the place. As for this summer, the big news continues right now on all new 2021 Buicks with approved credit through GM financial, we can offer you 0% financing for 72 months. But all this ends August 2nd 2021. I should also point out that we're taking orders for the 2022 GMC lineup, including CR pickup trucks to rain crossovers and full size Yukon SUVs. The fact is that if we don't have the Buick or GMC you want we'll get it for you. And don't forget zero for 72 months on all new 2021 Buick models GMC. We are professional grade classic Buick GMC Collins at I 20 in Arlington or visit US at classic Arlington dot com. Your second? Yeah..

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