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Hello and welcome to breaking the slipper. I'm lucy handsome. I'm megan leigh. And i'm charlotte bond. We constantly discuss the stereotypes and assumptions in popular culture. But we don't often stop to look more closely at the way. Those issues are expressed. I'm talking about language and its ability to explore ideas in a highly nuanced way. Phrases like bad language common pollens even trigger warning or carry social weight and inherent bias because who determines what language is considered bad. What words can be labeled common experience being as diverse as is so to help us unpick some of these complex questions. We have genevieve coltman with us. He has built a whole world or series world on the premise. that language has and is power. So welcome to breaking the law. Sipa genevieve to introduce yourself and your work Thank you very much indeed for having me. My name's genevieve cockman and i'm the author. The invisible live series. Whose main character is a librarian spy. Irene winters of mysterious traveller between pool worlds. And you've said who's life quite often depends on who use all language. Well i'm glad you've mentioned irene. Because actually she is my when i when i was thinking of a kind of some some talking points this episode. That was the very first thing i thought of his rn's ability to weaponize language. And you have a very unique sort of. I mean when we talk about to magic systems. Don't me a marine one where which is cooled. The language and irene can basically tap into this kind of ultimate the ultimate it's almost like a platonic form of the word in a way and she has to be specific about words she uses. She can turn these into two thoughts. Become things sort of thing. Certain thinking along those lines of kind of weaponising words. How do you think that words can lead to physical harm. The there is this link between what we say and what. We do to pluck good example from the headlines. You may remember that one of the things that covid nineteen has been cold is the chinese flu quote unquote and in fact when covid nineteen was given its name by the world health organization. It was deliberately chosen supposed to avoid bias to or against any particular country ethnic group area. Whatever because they that's why they called it corona virus nineteen covid nineteen because something like cooling it..

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