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Hello, there. Come Mark Robbins, third quarter in Columbus, Ohio. They're having fun of the horseshoe. Right now. 12th ranked Oregon leading number three Ohio State 21 14. If your name is C, J, you're having a real good time. CJ Verdell. With three rushing touchdowns for the visiting decks, including a 77 yarder and CJ Stroud for Ohio State, two touchdown tosses. Number 13, Florida enjoying it Stay and Tampa at South Florida leading 35 3 over the Bulls late second quarter number 25 Auburn, shutting out Alabama State in the 3rd 41 nothing and Number. 19. Virginia Tech scoreless the first quarter at home against Middle Tennessee coming up later on ESPN television four P.m. Eastern women's final at the U. S open to unseeded teenagers Leila Fernandez going up against Emma, Can you of Great Britain on the men's side? Novak Djokovic going for the calendar Grand Slam first one to do it since Rod Laver and 69. If he gets it in ESPN, John McEnroe thinks he will. Roger Federer never did it. Rafael Nadal never did it. I believe Novak joke. Djokovic is going to do it. It is astounding when he's been able to accomplish the level, the intensity the balance that he's found. Both on and off the court of helped him considerably. This is historic. I feel privileged to be able to sit there and watch this guy perform at this level. It will be four P.m. Eastern on Sunday. Christiano Ronaldo two goals in a triumphant return to Manchester United after 12 years. 41 win for Manchester over Newcastle. We're back on Monday after a week one and the bears. That's right. The bear's face.

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