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I don't know what to expect. I'm curious. It'll be I I mean, I don't know. I hope they hash it out on. Let's see how this affects things on the court. Or if it does at all may maybe it doesn't. Although I mean, look it didn't sound like they blew up the the hawks the other night sound like that was a little closer one. They would have liked one ten one zero three. Yeah. It was it was the saddest and most hollow key NPR war will definitely melancholy there. Woo. Hearted. Tony back tonight. The rockets are six and seven they've been accused of playing lethargic ball this year. And but they did beat the Pacers and the nuggets in their last two games. So they're they're playing a little without mellow. Yeah. They've won. They hit twenty three pointers against the Pacers. And they shot they shot well against Denver. So they're getting a little better quote. From James harden, quote, it's getting there it's gonna take time. But it's getting there if we keep guarding and defending at a high level our offense is gonna come around. So like you said this is all without Carmelo. So that's that's why they're playing better. Now, where's loose tonight? Bro. There's going to be ugly. About and there's your daily dose of dubs. You are listening to the Murph and MAC show on Camby are San Francisco HDTV's to go the sports leader, Roger Craig's energize at nine fifteen at brought to female listeners, by the way to female listeners came out of there came out of their rooms hours ago because they heard Roger Craig was coming on Ashley, right and Julia. What are you surprised? I mean Roger crops. He's a can't handsome, dude, man. Well, I one thousand one thousand guy in the NFL. That's it. Well, Frank Murphy was saying it was you. Remember the Macy's underwear ads for Roger Craig back in the day. I'll look I'm going to check out the apps. You know, how do you not the washboard apps actually related to Roger right? That's right. That's what he's your your cousin first. Cousin second cousin. That's awesome. That's awesome. Great nine or man. One of the time. She looks at Roger like that. Right. Because it's. Oh, although yeah. Well, yeah. You can't do that. That was a factor in wolf of Wall Street for Joanna hill. If you guys remember, the you remember that in the movie, Leo DiCaprio finds out Jonah hill. He's partner at this this investment firm. He goes. Yeah. I'm hearing on the streets. What are you? What are you married to your cousin or something like that? Oh my God. He goes. Yeah. Well, growing up she was like really attractive and like all my friends wanted to hook up with her. And then he goes, so I figured like if anybody's going to hook up with her she probably be meet. Very domestic lots of Martin Scorsese doing his thing. All right. So putting the daily dose of dubs aside and getting the Roger Craig let's take a moment. First chance to reflect on Farhan because we had him on. And then we went right into Schefter and maiocco and daily on the show for starters. Yeah. Settled in your brain. You got a lot of positive reaction on the text line people. Just like good staff. We're in a honeymoon right now. We're in a honeymoon right now with Farhan, everybody's happy. He sounds sharpie. Sounds young and everything he said, here's some of the takeaways. He says we're going to get younger more athletic more versatile brings some excitement back to the ballpark. So. Appreciate that. I could use a little more excitement over there that to me sounds like more Alan Hansen's, doesn't it? Fine. Sounds like other Ryan Hansen is a flawed. He has some flaws, but that type of player though, he can I can steal a bag Ican tag shallow fly. What was the pickoff play at first when he scored remember that one when he scored from first on pickoff saying, so he said that the the other thing he said is he just said lock in BUSTER at catchy did. Yes. He so he said Crawford at short. He's loving those two guy. He told us he had a long chat with BUSTER at the park yesterday. I wondered. I picture them in the dugout. I just wanted to like, and I'm wondering what BUSTER told him. You know? I mean, what if you're BUSTER Posey unvarnished? Well, I hope he said, hey, hey, BUSTER, what's your view of things? Like, what do you think we need like what do we need? I mean. What your student Easter on that roster say, this guy's gotta go. Oh, that's true. We start working on third second, I left. Yeah. The dopey guy, I the. Guy got hurt the guy who got her Brian while you got hurt running down the line. Vargas wants belt gone. Oh, yeah. Really the power the potential having a lot of people. I think this last season a lot of people breakout year like we say every year. So you're seeing a traitor belt. I'd love it. And I'm a long warranty with him. What do you get for him though? Like what? Unger more athletic more versatile. Okay. Couple of Hanson's for a belt, and you probably have to eat some of the salary. Bonnie Joe is a good question. You asked him about are you willing to? Don't do that. So I was one to know that he'd be up for that. And he said, he would you? Longoria. Right. Hey now. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. Just a marja. Yeah. Well, he used the word younger. Yes. The guys were all mentioning are older. They're all north of thirty. And by the way, where's I'm not saying move them. Don't move him whatever. But where's Cueto gonna be healthwise quicker? We even expect from another. Yeah. Because he's still windy the air. I'm I'm from getting his contract believe he's out for all twenty nine. Comes back like, I think way late maybe summer, man. So well there's other summer anyway, he's locked into. But he said Buster's the primary catcher. Yeah. He said whether that means four times a week or five times a week. So he continues to be the guy, but I live like what he said. He said we are in need of corner. Outfielders and those are good openings to have. And it got me excited copes just talking during the break like he's probably identified a power hitter that we don't even know about who's maybe on the way up or a guy who like copes, you were saying a guy who at twelve bombs who's who's trending up because Farhan smarter than we are Chris Taylor. Right. Like he was like a journeyman shortstop kind. Not a journeyman was like a soft hitting shortstop. Now. He's a twenty Homer guy. Yeah. It's his job to go. Bring the Chris Taylor's of the world to black and orange, and I get one of them. Just give me one. Yeah. What if it was actually Chris Taylor with the Lorette teeth? I'd I would hate I would hate. Do Chris Taylor smokes in the gap and goes dives into third with a triple your loving him. I know I know so it'll be really we didn't get a chance to ask him everything. But we did ask my Bumgarner. And you know, he's willing man. He's definitely willing to move them. I mean, I kind of host, okay, go ahead and roll that Cope's is four hundred eighty on the show asked about I said have you now that you've been here for a week and a couple of days where where's your head in terms of trading? Bumgarner in an effort to get more prospects and to get younger. Yeah. I'm just trying to get into Notaro author your organization, I'm fielding phone calls from other teams making some calls and just being open minded and listening on everything because we're trying to be as good as we can in two thousand nineteen over the next three years over the next five years, and that can involve some difficult trade offs that will get together and talk about as those opportunities present themselves. But right now, I'm just learning and listening, but the phrase difficult tradeoff shades of Matt Williams nineteen Ninety-six when when Butlin savings like I gotta make destroyed. Look what they got from Williams though, that really worked out in the long run, man. I mean, you got Jeff Kent you got an MVP second baseman outta that deal. So listen, if you're gonna move Bumgarner, I I don't know that they can guarantee they're going to deliver an MVP player. Putt, murph. We gotta get something of pretty significant value. Yeah. Yeah. And and even more important than everything else, we plumbed passed away SIS and found out that Radiohead was a big passion of his two. That's not really a paulie MAC band. You know? No, respect respect. It's not something. I'm gonna I'm not gonna I'm not gonna like actively. Listen to it. But respect for Radiohead. Yeah. They're just weird enough that they have my respect us. A couple of people were a little worried on the text line that when he talked about power going because I asked him about power. I said this team has had no power. And he said, well, we have Posey in Crawford in their premium players at their positions couple of people on the Texan. I is he saying Posey and Crawford our power hitters 'cause they ain't power hitters. You know? So I don't know that somebody was a little worried already oppose if you Posey maybe it was a power hitter. Like, but that was twenty twenty now. No, that's not breaking news from Tanaka smothers. We have a photo of Kevin Durant and Draymond green walking side-by-side into the shoot around together. Oh, good. Ashley, Hernandez feels better. See.

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