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So let's just begin i'm going to skip over those non evidences for holy spirit filling all maybe come back to those next week and today i want to focus first of all on giat this down comfort the comforting ministry of the holy spirit notice in john chapter fourteen verse sixteen jesus said and i will ask the father and he will give you another helper to be with you forever now you have different bible translations come on church give me some of the words in there in your bible if you have a different translation for the word help or what are you got what are you got councillor someone else not councillor what else comfort good advocate okay the reason why were getting some different translations years because of words not easy to translate and the word is is two words i if you were just looking at a greek new testament the language that the new must have an adjustment was written in you'd see pera klay toss a pera pera as is in a lot of our english words it means to the side like like a paragraph or was in other pera word that means parallel paraphrase someone said last night paralegal does the person following the lawyer around by their side you know pera means to the side klay toss comes from collapse which means to call so the word that they're translating their advocate councellor andy come up here in just tell me for second brother.

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