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Soldiers void accidental casualties caused by driving the test run occurred for bliss for ten of these trucks through unmanned driving trials with sixty more test trucks due to arrive this year, and the Pentagon has already allocated another three point seven billion with the b for research that will cover these unmanned autonomous technologies. And a lot of people are saying the odds are very high that in the military on bases and overseas there will be unmanned vehicles well before civilian civilians than they think about really be a thing for us in the civilian world for probably decades past it. So Uber's chief scientists predicted that depending on infrastructure factors and stuff like that. They'll be on basis way sooner. So. I just think this'll be huge for designated driving on post. I mean, you never have to find another arrive alive card again. Yeah. I think there could be a lot of benefits going for leg. I imagined the combat like if think about how many times you had to send transport to like, a remote fob like with food on things like that whenever you're dealing with these the only issue is that they're so secretive about this technology that if something goes wrong tire goes out. There's not gonna be anybody to blow it up in place out of magin that they have like a there's probably something inside. That will be laced with explosives, so it could blow it up itself in place. Did you know you have to do that shit? You're you're probably right. Any coming up something like that in our military that has heightened technology like that? It's usually a manual process that we blow it up. But yeah, I would imagine chaps if there's no one there to blow it up you get a do it some other way. And I like it chat for the example, you gave for transporting supplies or food that nature. I don't think I would like this. If it were myself in combat because I feel like these vehicles will be designed to drive the exact right speed limits, and they will not be able to react in accommodates. It wouldn't be. I don't think that they would ever get point where they put people inside it in just a robot. That drives you that's just doesn't make any sense at all even if you're just like transporting. I don't know. I see and they've made it in a story. Like, listen, we're working on this technology. We're moving forward with that. But we don't quite know how the fuck we're gonna use yet. But reminds me I read a book recently where they were talking about helicopters in the military when that first came about at first all these. Top Googlers in the military like of flying rotor like what what are we going to do with that will ever help us in and more doctrine developed in? They're like oh shit. These are super fucking useful million different ways. So I think like who knows how it's going to help time bad take. What are we going to use these helicopters in these? Victor general Krulak was the first to be like, let's like spy rigging and putting extra guys on there and making the bigger and the higher ups like get the fuck outta here. Like it was so not overseas. If time because the technology, I guess for the time it's just kinda like that might be up there with the internet isn't going to be a thing that catches on seeing that from time around every now, and then we're dude wrote this big op-ed how the internet and now you can't find a hard copy of his blog, but you can find it anywhere on the internet two seconds mandate. Yeah. Internet's not gonna work or the military can't use helicopters, Mike and see a lot of people are looking at this going unmanned vehicles like what, but I can have solic- over time this becoming a huge fucking thing, especially because the military to save on manpower. If they can do that, you know, we're just like a completely unmanned military like where would dry right precision drones precision vehicles intelligence those tiny. Little have you guys seen those instagrams of the tiny little be size fucking cameras that they send around. Listen. They look like bugs. Yeah. Going all over the place. Does it scare you guys? Although the thought of just being completely unmanned military like the Dell 'cause I've never read nineteen eighty four to completion. So.

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