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Here your theory so all right so all the people of this town who went through all the shit. What have jay jonah. Jameson gets a hold of them. Does a bunch of scandalous interviews and this is something we see Blown up into the spiderman movie. It might just be a fun thing. But i thought that could be a trip. Yeah that's interesting. Ought to focus on now with everything like all the other characters from the other universities coming in. I think that's probably a lot to handle already. I think it'll be wouldn't it. Just be spider-man centric and doctor strange centric it seems like if there are already thrown so much in that like polling the wanda stuff in might be wild but does introducing multi-diverse stuff. I think she's at least got to open the rift right. That's totally possible. Maybe stuff that happens. I mean because what. What does the release order is is multi coming out before an ounce. Now it comes out in december of this year and then multi mantis. Isn't that march of two thousand. Twenty two yeah. What i mean about it feeling a little bit out of order the the original sleep. Well what was. It was black widow falcon and the winter soldier. Wanda vision autumn. Sorry turtles and someone that right. Yeah eternal he should have been out to the goal. why yes. We're getting four movies. All the years years were sony comes out with a spiderman movie. We get four movies. I didn't realize spider man was coming out. I knew that we were getting lock. Lodo shanxi internals. I didn't realize spider man was coming out this year too. Yeah and shown. He's not going to budge on that date. I don't think. I don't think they might. They might list sony it up and have nothing but spiderman characters and use all their toy box toys rather than get too deep into the marble thing. But i think it's interesting. Was there any mention of madame web. Who is involved in looking into multi universes involved in spiderman at all. Now they haven't brought up anything madame web. So why do you guys think like. I get why she had it. Be like like a sitcom but whitey. Can she broadcast it..

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