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That's that was the origin of instability we've taken it and we've had it for gosh i guess what's going on fifteen or at least thirteen fourteen years now that we've had it and throwing a a real good job with it and it just keeps growing in popularity is people learn about it and that's been a real good product force up until insta buying art narrowly this type of technology carpet binding technology was reserved to the professional the professional people because of the expense of the equipment that you need it to do this now so right am i correct yeah yeah not only the expensively equipment but learning how to run the equipment and then stocking you know all the the tapes and everything you need to accommodate all the different colors of carpet and you know what are we learning and training installer you know how to use it or possibly you know it would be a store or like i said a big workroom that would install this onto the carpet and so now there's just made it a valuable to all the do i do it yourself is out there with the internet making available just a couple of blocks away really makes it for a very chronic for today's market now how is is to bind actually applied in a what do you need to do this stuff in the buying gotta take a break because the bills i'll stay tuned right here that's the cagey contract with michael king fully licensed tested contractor and this is home talk usa oh would support your local independent hardware stores and garden centers yeah.

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