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I was talking about him before the show I bought all the press got stock and fantasy football the season like he's he's a problem and you match them up with Zeke Elliot as well who In that offensive line isn't as good as it was a few years ago but. It's still it's still one of the better lines in the NFL to all along it like it's going to be difficult for the defense. It's it's going to be a shootout this week. Yeah, and the fact that he's playing for that money too that's added. He asked for Dak, he wants his money. So he goal come with it every day he has a point to prove to Jerry Jones the season. Buddy. Yeah. Yeah. I mean. This is a very interesting matchup. It's a tough week to draw for this team. They also have to go on the road. They do potentially benefit from not having fans in the stands so that because that can be very loud environment to play in so. But you know the cowboys looked very mortal against the rams like this. This is a team that was a sneaky super bowl contender. They had their own share struggles in week one particularly on the defensive side of the ball where you know lately like late Vander is out like he is going to be gone. You already said Sean Lee is out you know. So it's Jalen Smith and like nothing like it's it's the linebacker core is a disaster right now Jim Smith is good good linebacker, but he's one man and that secondary was already a big question Mark Lake Deal Trayvon digs thought he had a pretty you know up and down. Entry to the NFL, he wasn't a disaster, but you know that's not somebody you want matched up with Julio. Jones. necessarily. Jacoby Leuze like is that somebody you want like mashed up? Kevin. Ridley. So like the Falcons if they can protect Matt Ryan I think have a pretty good shot at scoring in this game but. What do you guys think about how the Falcons match on offense against this injury-depleted cowboys defense? Here's where I'm a little concerned that you know you made you made the talk about the linebackers and the DB's I'm looking at the guys are front you all the Smith played out of his mind last week you know what I mean. I'm I'm I've watched all week. Them talked about don't be surprised if he gets. The NFL Comeback Player of the year he was already a good player before he had all off the field issues but. If. He plays against Jake's Matthews I think Jay would be okay but you know JAS nursing met knee but also to on the other side you got Caleb who's got to go against the markets Lawrence and then they got Dante poll who's a big joke in the middle you know what I mean Griffin as well. Sir. Forgot about Everson Griffen. I keep forgetting about Everson Griffen I. Don't like that. I honestly want this to be a game where they really do get girly establish for several reasons. One of course, saint truly get them implemented to the office because they didn't bring him in to just give twelve carried the game they wanted to put the ball in his hands a little bit. So get incorporated all also to keep that cowboys. Off. The field. but this is going to be I would not be surprised if the run game is not affected. because. A douse front seven well, the steepness of line yeah. Really really good. In those. dudes. Yet. The away the rams beat the cowboys past week was they bled that clock in they established and I know it's cliche establish the run, but they were so good at it every day one every single I down in game that I can remember in second and they were just in third short and third manageable the entire game and they end the cowboy's pastures were just a non factor because they had Malcolm Brown just. Plugging away at yards and cam makers comes in and he seeps a few yards here and there the laws that game should not have been as close as it was in the end and you know there's a controversy over the offense pass interference wasn't wasn't. The key, the RAMS missed field goal early on in that game, very manageable field goal, and then their final drive you had Cooper, Cup Wide Open Jared Goff just like refused to throw the ball downfield and that's what gave Dallas their vinyl chance, and that's the reason dollars even had a chance at the end of the game road I just remember every one of those drives. A five minute drive here seven minute drive your on nine minute drive year another seven minutes right worst the run game and work. It wasn't great. But It wasn't pretty, but it got done. Got Done with it and I mean I'd like to see us try to do something similar this week. But I don't know if dirk up for it like he he completely abandoned that outside zone up after it was like completely working just to go back to like regular Dirk Carter of last year so that yes, that was immediately I. Agree. He's going to need that outside on this week I wouldn't run at Everson Griffen or at Martin Lawrence I wanNA. I WANNA get my guys on the edge. I. WanNa make them chase the run game. Buddy they used to be our game plan whenever you know because we were heavy song team like if we played against the New Orleans had lag grady Jackson. The norm hand in the middle, we were to establish outside zone get them big fat guys running I. Don't mean to call gradient norm. John when I'm seeing behind roaming. Time, it gets to the second third quarter. Now, we can start running at them because. On the heels. About it than anyone when a defensive line has those hands on his hips late in the game, you know it's time to finish them all. That's what you. WanNa see, and it's like like that's that's part of the reason I don't. I'm confused by a lot of stuff they didn't offense last week either because like we've seen that this team is great at running zone, have the offensive line for zone. This offensive line runs really well zone. They're very comfortable running it. They've run for years, and then they're like after the first quarter. Net. No it was working too. Hard, it was amazing. I was having fun watching that running game not look like crap. No offense Sinoe. The people that took part in that run game last year. But seriously like it was like a good reggae Gurley was like five point one yards per carry one point. After the I corps man, he was over five yards per carry. It was like Oh snap back and then it's just Oh, just shut him up the medal every play I. Guess I guess that you know yards per carry it doesn't really look good anymore. So But to be fair like the Falcons did finish with like a solid yards per carry. I think every running back was. Over. Four yards per carry except Ito who only had one carry in the game but like You know. So it wasn't a trainwreck by any means, but it just like I don't know why you go away from zone when it's working like I'd. Somehow, we're back to dumping on. Cutter. When we're supposed to be. Premium Cavaliers game. You know there was cut. It was doing that game plan that I like running running the play action bootleg trying to get mad out there and you know I. Think he hit Hayden. Hurts over the top if that was the play and I'm not sure I can't remember but they ran that play action bootleg a couple times but the Seattle did a good job of I think they got a sack on one time and they were bringing some pressure on that to where he couldn't get it out there on it. They've got to establish that a little bit more this week versus Dallas is say I don't know my opinion. Get that zone going get that play action going. Once those big guys realize Oh sudas bootleg cut him down. Make them have to get big self up and go taste because after a while after a couple of quarters at wears on, you know what I mean they get to where they don't WanNA taste no more..

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