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Up on KCBS. This is Matt Bigler in Oakland talking to mayor Libby Schaaf about why she supports overdose prevention centers. Coming up straight ahead. But right now at one eight first traffic update of the one o'clock hour say, good afternoon, Ken Vestal good afternoon. Our hands are full with heavy rain, even hail off, and on all around the bay area catching this all off guard and causing flooding so many solo spin s I cannot list them all here. Lot of extra congestion. If you're on the road and also the one hundred eighth in will beta breakers as we just reported that actually the finish line closes at one o'clock, and I can see that they've been reopening, so many streets that were shut down traffic now finally moving whale in both directions on the embark Darrow and nineteenth avenue is still struggling, those were your only north to south routes open during the race. South bay traffic has really been affected by the rain. We still have some flooding issues, especially on eighty northbound between Bascom and the Alameda. That's why it's backed up on the two eighty connector to northbound eight eighty the also have a crash wrapping up onto waiting north. Bound right before the Lawrence expressway highway seventeen earlier crash northbound after summit road is clear your ride in both directions. Over the summit right now looks good. It is backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. If you are coming into the city metering lights are on, and then traffic stop and go across the upper deck. Your next update at one eighteen on the traffic leader case. Yes. Nice lady KCBS bay area news weather forecasts. We're looking at partly cloudy with some scattered showers this afternoon. Highs from the fifties to the lower sixties tonight, cloudy with some.

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