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How chris stop hitting me. Personally bruce lee is in. He had his own mixed martial art a hybrid but he had his own. I would say so as not when i was younger. Never watched a lotta bruce lee films but i remember everybody talking about briefly but that is a format. Everybody loved when it came to any form of martial arts. He was the one that really put into the forefront of popular culture by using martial arts to to fight along with within. I love that type of style of film came out during that time as well too and a lot of other films followed that. There's that followed that kind of style as well. There's blood sport. And that's i feel about blood sport. We'll tie to tie tie everybody only when shouting in. And there's so many other ones the karate kid mr my yagi like. There's so many of them. That during that time and i think berkeley really opened that gate for them and the floodgate for them to be able to have that style of fell and also to have an appreciation for martial arts within film and television for sure and his style his hybrid version of mixed martial arts that he developed was called commando who amazing and i love that about martial artists they can go and make an adaptation of something from something else and then create. It's like bare knuckle. Boxing boxing started to started his bare knuckle. Boxing and then you have boxing and apparently now side note as counterculture bare knuckle boxing. Starting to come back as well to supposed to be like a really underground sport that people are really apparently watching now in wanting more of throw these counterculture knuckle box here knuckle boxing. So there. All these counter cultures that started as counter cultures and then we moved into something. Like you have cer. Boxing and people are going back to the counterculture because they find it really interesting. But i think you're gonna get that because they're getting more type of people and people are getting way more different types of knowledge education. Everything from being online be able to talk to each other's you're going to get all these amazing counterculture that are gonna come from all different types of sports x. Question for you. You've mentioned a couple of times. Do you think that that mixed martial art is counter culture or subculture. it's a counterculture. How so it started as a counterculture because his People weren't agreeing with it. It was so violent. It was a blood sport. So a lot of people in the beginning or people in general in the beginning weren't gravitated towards it and it wasn't a mainstream thing and that's why i was saying before in the media would not pick it up or make it mainstream because it was very counterculture very taboo. It wasn't taken seriously because it was so violent and then mainstream the people then pushed it in because they want to play like espn other places to pick it up. I would started as a counterculture. I would say a subculture of prize fighting to why then because the larger group is prize fighting. So you're more tie your boxing and ufc which was a prizefight in it but it was a prizefight fight that had its own variances. Its own interests. Its own belief structure. Its own rules. I definitely think it's a subculture. Because the larger culture that it was a part of was alive and well and it was operating within that. And it had its own little thing that they were trying to get to like you know to define it and then eventually became a mainstream. Well i think it started as a counterculture and then moved to a subculture and then became part of the mainstream. So i would say that in general the reason why i call it. A counterculture is because it was so violent that majority of people wouldn't have expected it as subculture because of the violence behind it and a lot of people and different ways of thinking there was no whole bars like there was no rules and that really doesn't sit with a subculture that is that's taken culture generally is taken from mainstream culture and then is adopted to its own but it is influenced by mainstream but has become. Its own so i would say that you've seen one hundred percent counterculture because of the violence but now it's now it's less violent compared to what it was so now obviously now because now there's regulation exactly and now it's and before too. It wasn't legal in many countries and in many states. Like right now actually in twenty twenty january fan france. Just illegalized have see if i'm going to pop into film again. I'm gonna pop and a lot of people know this film. This is a loved and cherished film by many so fight club. I would say not just in. Mma looking at blood sport and all those different types of films that have come out as well too but looking at fight club as being one of those movies. That's a classic movie that has taken mma and has style in it in it's kind of layered and trickled into the phone. Do they talk different fighting styles a fried club so in fight club. There's no rules in. I rule of fight club. You don't talk about by clem. First rule of see tell everybody about you. See there was no rules. And that's the same idea in fight club as knew of see. There's no holds bar and same idea that you do anything you wanted in this. And so what what the director would do and what. The people on the phone would do as well as look at low budget. You know ultimate fighting championship videos and reflected back into the fighting styles and the scenes that they decided to use fried club. I thought that fight club will be the first thing that would come to everybody's mind is film. But i was wrong when i asked other people that like emma may ever was like blood sport. Sport would make well. They're saying yeah. Bloodsport is to to people that who like the sopranos or godfather of film. Mma films Now you can actually watch now for free on netflixif by the way. Apparently i love. I love eighties. Action movies like grave. There's a bloodsport has like so many moments in it. Like when he gets the sand is like he's blind and it's so dramatic or when he does is like sexy dance. John claude van damme or his splits. And there's also another thing is john. Is john claude. Van damme on. Claude van damme hundred percent because of how he moved from bruce lee and then moved into doing all those other fighting films as well too so i would say. That's the one that probably popularized it in north america. You think i would. I would imagine. Now it's interesting. Because when i define mma in my head..

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