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Any real impact on when you're losing Even if we had passed my agenda I wouldn't claim we won because Biden's agenda passed So but I think it's going to be very close I think it's going to get down to as you all know turn out and I think that based on what I have heard so far it's awful hard for me to be prognosticating which I don't like doing as president anyway from overseas but I think I hope that every eligible voter in Virginia and New Jersey shows up in votes And the more I'm going to do the better off I think our chances are And I think we're going to I think we're going to win All right NPR Scott Oh hey You mentioned climate activists before and I want to ask something about them You're touting agreements other world leaders have tatted agreements But the atmosphere around the conference here is skeptical and it's pretty angry Climate activists feel like decades and decades of cops have led to broken promises and they feel like even if all of these goals are reached that you're talking about the last few days it's just not enough right now And I'm wondering what you would say to the people outside who are really angry at this conference especially at this moment where Joe Manchin has expressed has created more doubt that your climate legislation will pass and you've got a very conservative Supreme Court about to take a look at whether your EPA can regulate greenhouse gas emissions What's your message to people outside who just worry this all isn't enough right now given the crisis Well first of all.

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