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An accident. There was a terrible accident south of DeKalb last night that closed down road, and I twenty three out there, Illinois, twenty three and. And then we also had you know, the city government out in DeKalb last night for time was saying, hey before going out do that. Because some of the roads one of the main drags in town, anti Glidden boulevard was nearly impassable last night because of the blowing and drifting and low visibility. So at least we're out of that wasn't that nice to see the Sunday industry. A blue sky made all the difference in the world twelve it's prettier picture. It has not going to lie to you about that. But I'm going to say that is colder than it appears because the sun is higher because now we are. And you know, I do this. So give it to check. Yes. That it's kind of late October, son. So as you're thinking, what is now the the sunlight Angola, the all that it'd be sort of middle late October in terms of where it is in the sky, and as result, you it does feel if you think about it that way I use that little mental. Trick to make myself feel better about because then I'm like, all right? Well know that was all the way back then in every day, we get earlier and earlier and earlier and you're like October so bad. No. So you know, I was looking yesterday to the amount of energy that February send delivers about eighty percent more than what we get in December son show that has come up. It's been kind of blunt block the block by the fact that we had such cold temperatures in so much of this cloud, cover and freezing rain and snow. And so it continues to go up every day every day when it comes up. It's a happier. Son every day, it is June twenty first, and then it becomes a sadder son every day, although I always go to the middle of July. I like to buy a couple extra weeks. It's very happy. And it's to now it's just kind of in back every June twenty first and then the August you like. That's a lot darker than September the bottom falls out. She wrote my son is a little different than yours. My son stays happy industry temper. You know, I mean, even though admittedly the days are getting shorter and all but. Happy and then summer around the second or third week of September. The band, right? I'm I'm I'm to spend less time with you. Then the night sun, then the nightside so good luck to you pal is basically the way I look at it fake sunlamp. Have you transfer over part of your day with your sunlamp, and I started begging the sun back right around. Then look no you can stick around all the way through October. Right. And how does that work for you? I mean, and then in November it's till I'm jilted by November November December January and then fit right around. Now. It's sort of like the sun is teasing me again. Like, hey, remember me, remember when we used to go out? Remember, if you remember the good times don't think about the bad times. No. That's never good for you. People texting in their pictures eight five of like two inches of what looks like ice over their fences there trees there banisters sidewalks everything else Shanta. They're big snowdrifts. I was gonna say I wondered how that talking to the son works 'cause I yell at my computer, come on come on come on speed up speed up. In a dozen seem to do any good. I wondered if your communication with the son had better results than my communication with my computer. Yeah. That doesn't did it. What does it? How bad is your communication with your computer? It's not it's not. It's one way. It's not existent. Son listens to me. The sun's deadly playing with. Right now. It's like look pretty I am this is like, you know, when you break up some people get on social media, and they're like all dolled up and looking great. Missing out. Right. I got foam with the sun right now. Then you go outside. You're like, yeah. I remember why hate you. Yeah. Why are you hitting on me? It's just fine. Right. It looks beautiful. You what's a music? Illuminating is the degree of communication row has. Yes. The shun level. I think this is very very impressive. So to all my doctors interesting. Say to the center in the morning sun back. Yes row, I can loan you some doctors for that. Maybe that. I got him lousy with doctors handle your computers when they're not behaving. Do you? Do you smack a little bit little shop? Do you off thing? All verbal. And you know, what it doesn't do a win of good? But I think it makes me feel better. Interesting. They they did they did a story in the New York Times a couple months back about stress release. And they said that you know, we're told not to get angry and all the rest and sometimes getting a little angry releases the pressure and the stress was their conclusion. Yeah, I just cry. Right. But just problem with crying. Is you internalize it you just? Cry screaming wailing, by the way, how did the how did the toilets? Hold up last night in the wind at all on your Bill. Like, that's my mom's building where I live. Now, you know, low low down townhouse with a deck zoo. Yeah. With the debt, right? Yes. But I, you know, it's funny because I didn't talk to my, mama. I should have had her go and look in the toilets. Yeah. And see if they were slice. She didn't call you about it. I know and if the chandelier was swinging back and forth, right? And we're concerned about I learned I learned two days ago from you people I'm some sort of fancy pants because we had a chandelier. You're concerned about that when windy outside, but it was very touching. How concerned you were? We weren't. I hope you didn't take that wrongly. I didn't mean to critical. I just feel for you. I know a lot of people don't have an emotional attachment chandelier. I happen to have had one. And so it just it's it's unusual. But I had it, and it's just me and I'm not gonna hide from myself row. What they always say is different strokes for different folks. No immediate. I've lived by that entire life. So I can identify with it. I get it. I get it. And so I I should have checked it, really. I don't know. But I was very busy hiding from the win last night. Here's and I had a had dinner with a buddy of mine, and we're you know, we're sitting around, and this is the thing the worst nights of the year. I am not going to give into the weather. I am not going to let very good about that. Just trudging. Right. You're Arctic you're on. And you you go out there. I got the Arctic air. I got the traverse is great in the weather. So I'm just I'm out there. And I'm driving around like it might as well be sunny and seventy five. Do you not have the bell handy today? Hold on. Oh, yeah. Is that for the traverse? Chevrolet products. You've been great about that. You really have. So that is. Killer to not just every time. Just a ring for the sake of bringing it just adds something. Not enough that he's got sixty graphics. Her her weather for. Yeah. I need a bell. I think I'm gonna go. You know, what I'm gonna do a bell? Every time. I mentioned every every time I mentioned the word, son. Yeah. That's just remind people. But there are things turning around. Can you just tell me is your you look at it? I know it's wish casting out ten days. But I noticed that you do this on your you got seven days up there on on the screen got in front of me. Know the next fifteen days temperature in the next fifteen the highest temperature. I she is well tomorrow forty tomorrow we had to get up to forty three. And then we go back down to the mid twenty s shattered as Sunday Monday, upper twenty s Tuesday and then thirty four next next Thursday thirty eight next Friday, thirty eight Saturday that's a week from this the end of the month. Yeah. She the temperatures are starting to come out. Early also calculate whether we're going to be above or below normal. And we're below normal from tomorrow through next Thursday. Then we go little bit above normal Friday Saturday next week, and then go down below normal after then it's a fairly cool pattern that we've got going here. There's no question about that cruel last half of the way, really really hit did hit hard. You know, what's interesting though. There was an interesting blog by Bobby Hansen. Who writes for weather underground, I liked his stuff, and he was pointing out that we close the month of February. And for all the talk of the polar vortex and everything else the month on a national basis still wand up above normal and record highs outnumbered record lows for the month of January in the lower forty-eight by a margin of three to one that's gonna make some politicians nuts when you tell them that. Yeah. Well, they've been they've been eaten and this and it's been called in the in the polar vortex. Yeah. Yeah. It goes to show how one event like that. Which is jarring and has. Severe ramifications for the folks that affects doesn't necessarily have a huge aerial coverage. All the time, nor does it reflect was going on across the country. But I thought that was interesting. I was I was surprised by the three.

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